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Grandly proportioned and recently enhanced, the ms Veendam offers an onboard experience defined by spacious comfort and the latest Signature of Excellence features and amenities. Guests aboard the ms Veendam will not only enjoy elegant dining rooms, a $2 million art and antique collection, wide teak decks and spacious staterooms - many with private verandahs – but also new and exciting venues, stateroom options along with a complete update to all stateroom furnishings.


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Canada/New England

| Quebec City, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Bar Harbor, Boston
We saw four shows. The Beatles tribute was fantastic. The one that we thought was going to be step dancers turned out to be a lecture on the Citadel and was very boring. Why that was scheduled on the showtime is a puzzle. The theater seating was less than optimal. It wasn't tiered adequately, so if we sat in the back, we had to strain sometimes to see clearly. I think the Veendam is a bit older ship than we've been on in the past, but we'd never seen a showroom laid out quite like that. I would advise the Titanic/Peggy's Cove excursion to be an hour longer, at least the one we went on. The guide was excellent and a wealth of information. Unfortunately, he had to talk so fast in the amount of time we had that a lot of it was lost on us. We had to wait at the cemetery because there was another group ahead of us, so we got maybe 10 min. there and had to rush back to the bus to go to Peggy's Cove. Peggy's Cove is a quaint and beautiful place, but so many tourists and not a lot of time to look at everything or buy much because of the long lines. As I said, it's an excellent tour -- just not enough time. The Price Edward Island Anne of Green Gables excursion was great, and Donalda, our tour guide, was the best ever (and the driver as well)!

Mexico getaway

| Mexico
Enjoyed the cruise. Friendly staff,very accommodating

Ms Veendam Cruise Review

| Costa Maya, Belize, Cozumel, Havanna
I would not recommend this ship. Due to the age, the ship was not stable as the newer ships. There was no entertainment to speak of or activities. The little entertainment that they did have was very poor. The only plus that they had going for them was the staff. They were very pleasant. We have traveled on many cruise ships and have had quality entertainment and activities. If this is the normal for Holland America they we have no desire to travel on any of their ships again. Our travel agent did an amazing job with the itinerary but the overall experience on the ship was poor.

Voyage of the Vikings

| Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland ,Amsterdam, Belgium,Faroe Isl
The Veendam is not as well maintained as the Amsterdam but overall it was a very pleasant experience and the ports were wonderful

Older Ship But Great Service

| Cuba, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman
We loved the fact that there was so much room on the ship, it never felt crowded. The staff was amazing and attentive, they learn your name right away and remember your favorite drinks.

Canada and new england

| Canada
Good cruide

Cruising on the Veendam

| Quebec, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney, Charlotteown,Glouster
The service on the Veendem was excellent from all the dining areas, stateroom maintenance and front desk services. We especially enjoyed the calm but efficient dining room experience at dinner.The ports were very visually pleasing, offered excellent shore excursions, the experience to explore the port and return for a late afternoon light meal. The cruise was a totally enjoyable experience. Service and a pleasant atmosphere is high priority on the ship.

Historical Ports of NE US

| Boston, Halifax, St John, Sydney, Portland, Bar Harbor
We have cruised with HAL many times (18) This cruise we would rank as third behind Alaska and Panama Canal. Interesting ports, great smaller ship, super food and service and intersting fellow travelers.

Ship[ service & ship condition

| Canada & New England Discovery
Some staterooms were reporting climate control issues. Pool Deck area was not always clean..

Holland america Line -Veendam

| Ft.Laud. to San Diego
Not happy about skipping 2 ports, both in Mexico. Don and marlene

Sailed the Veendam twice!

| St. Thomas. St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Martin, Martinique, - the nice islands.
This is a nice ship and the staff are friendly. Mostly an older crowd but they cater to people with disabilities. The Neptune Lounge is open to all who have a suite. Get as many perks as possible and some come with a suite. Very easy to get on the ship and off at the end of the cruise. There private island may be closed if the weather is bad.

Canadian maritime Cruise

| Canada
My travel agent is one in a million. I’ve worked with her for many many years now and you just couldn’t find anyone who handles every detail so.

(What does this mean?)

| Cuba
Needs some touching up in conspicuous places like elevator doors and locations of other superficial damage and wear.

Hawaiian Islands, Ensenada

| Hawaiian Islands
Enjoyed late ports Lahaina & Honolulu

Panama Canal Cruise

| Panama Canal
Great trip.

Good Value

| Canada
For some reason, waitstaff doesn't compare with RCL,

Cuba experience

| Cuba and Caribbean.
Would go back and liked the ship.

Great Cruise

| Burmuda
We are four star HAL passengers with over 25 cruises. This is one of the most interesting.

15 night cruise to S. Carribean

| S Carribean
Great cruise over all but the ship lacked a polished finish. Many little things were showing it's age.

Nice, but not as good as Rotterdam

| New England/Canada
We enjoyed our trip to New Englang/Canada. Just got back from a wonderful week. Service, food were good. Rooms were a little small. Wife needed to travel with a walker and there was no room to use it in the room. Couldn't even get it beyond the bed and had to be carried past the foot of the bed to store it. This was our second time to enjoy this area. First time was on the Rotterdam and it was much nicer!


| Eastern Canadian Provinces
This was my first cruise & Veendam was just the right size for me!

Panama Canal Trip

| Panama Canal
We like Holland America because they are well run and the Veendam is the size ship we prefer. Our multiple dinner partners were all very pleasant.

Birthday Celebration

| Mexico
We have cruised many times and always come back to Holland America. Their staff & crew are excellent and work hard to provide great customer service at every level.

Veendam cruise

| Nova Scotia, Boston, Bar Harbor,Quebec, Charlottetown
Staff was so friendly and always knew your name.

Holland America review

| New England
Front desk cancelled our Pinnacle Grill reservation without telling us. We had inconsistent information from different staff on the policy of the beverage package.

Great ports of call

| Boston, Halifax, Sidney, Charlottetown,Quebec, Montreal
If you can't control your eating, count on adding about 5 pounds.

Viking trail cruise

| New foundland, Lab., Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Holland, Norway, Shetland isles and Faroe Isles
Tendering takes too much time away from port. It can be dangerous when slippery. At times the tender system does not work well.

Review of Holland Am Veendam Canada cruise

| Montreal, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Bar Harbor, Boston
Some spa services were great (facial) but others were poor (mani/pedi) Some food was great (most dinners in dining room) but others were just adequate (breakfast in Lido)