If you’ve been issued a Future Cruise Credit (FCC), you may have some questions about how they work and how to get the best value for them. Our Travel Advisors at All-Travel can help!

Learn more about what Future Cruise Credits are, get answers to frequently asked questions, and discover how to maximize their value

1. What is a Future Cruise Credit?

When a sailing is canceled, a cruise line may offer either a cash refund or a Future Cruise Credit (FCC). The amount of the credit will be equal to, or sometimes exceed, the original amount paid towards the original cruise. This credit can be applied to a new sailing with the same cruise line.

2. Do I have to redeem my FCC with the cruise line directly?

No, we will help you navigate the FCC redemption process and maximize your FCC’s value by providing you with bonus offers you will only find here.

3. Why redeem your Future Cruise Credit with All-Travel?

  • An All-Travel Expert Travel Advisor will walk you through the process and give you advice to make sure you get the right cruise vacation for you
  • You’ll receive everything the cruise line has to offer, plus access to All-Travel's Exclusive Rates and Amenities.
  • We will guarantee to get you the lowest price
  • Are you a past guest of the cruise line? We’ll make sure you get all your standard benefits plus any available past guest offers.

4. What if I don't know my FCC number or information?

With the help of an All-Travel Travel Advisor, we can help you find your FCC Number and ensure you redeem it for its maximum value – this may even include extra bonuses you would not receive from the cruise line directly!

5. Does my Future Cruise Credit expire?

Yes, how long you have to use your FCC from date of issue varies by cruise line. To ensure you redeem your FCC before it expires, contact an All-Travel Travel Advisor today!

6. What happens if I rebook using my FCC and my new cruise cancels?

If you cancel: A new FCC will be issued if the cancellation is outside of standard penalties. If cancellation penalties apply, they will be deducted from the FCC amount and the remaining balance will be issued as a new FCC.

If the cruise line cancels: Your previous FCC amount will be reissued at 100% of its original value.

7. What if my FCC doesn't fully cover the cost of my new cruise?

If the cost of your new booking exceeds the value of your FCC, you will be responsible for paying the difference. Your Travel Advisor will work with you to ensure you maximize the value of both your FCC and any available exclusives and bonuses.

8. Can I carry Promotional Amenities from my original booking to my new booking?

All promotional amenities received on the original cruise will not follow you to your new reservation, with the exception of any perks awarded from your past guest loyalty status with the cruise line. Your personal Travel Advisor will present you all the options available for your new cruise to make sure you get the best possible deal and amenities.