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Discover All-Travel’s comprehensive and innovative mobile travel app: Pocket Travel Consultant. The Pocket Travel Consultant will be available to travelers for use during both the planning stages and while traveling. The thousands of pages of content will include detailed destination information – accommodations, dining, history, entertainment, fun facts, maps, etc. – plus customized trip planning resources.

Travel App

Our online travel advisors will have the opportunity to create a trip itinerary and send it to you via the travel planning app. You will then be prompted to download the trip plan that will include selected cities and other customized suggestions prior to departure.

Our app can be downloaded to any Apple or Android device (please note it is not available for use on a desktop). What is unique about the Pocket Travel Consultant (PTC) is that it is free for you and all of the content can be downloaded direct to the device for offline use - that means no roaming fees when traveling!

Key Advantages:

  • Content is stored locally and may be accessed without an internet connection
  • All content is available off-line so that your clients don’t have to be concerned about expensive cell phone access charges while traveling internationally
  • Intended for use during the planning stages (pre-travel) and while client is traveling
  • It’s FREE!

Once you have downloaded the app and have downloaded a city, a main guide is presented featuring:

  • City Guide – History, district guide
  • Things to do – Excursions, entertainment, attractions, museums
  • Dining – Restaurants, bars, cafes and more
  • Accommodations – Signature hotel partner properties
  • Practical Information – Communication, transportation, medical
  • Search Guide – Keyword search

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