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A river cruise offers the convenience and luxury of an ocean cruise combined with the in-depth experience of a land tour, plus the personal freedom of a river cruise. Step aboard. Unpack once. Explore, and enjoy. For many travelers, a journey along the river is just the right pace for getting the lay of the land. Sitting on the top deck of a ship under brilliant blue skies, you gaze on fabled landscapes dotted with castles, villages, vineyards, lush forests and historic sites. A flight of stairs down, and you have all the amenities of a modern hotel — restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness facilities, spas, internet access and comfortable staterooms.

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As travel now allows us to eplore almost every part of the globe, travelers' desire to delve into the details is more common than ever before. Luxury river cruises provide access to pristine landscapes accentuated by quaint ports and villages with rich trading legacies. River CruiseSome of our favorite river cruise lines, AmaWaterways, Crystal River Cruises, Viking, Scenic and Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, recently unveiled brand-new ships and itineraries. We provide insight to some of the amenities that make each cruise line excellent choices for your next vacation, as well as offer you a preview of unique itineraries that feature access to popular and lesser-known locales alike.

AMAWaterways, Crystal River Cruises, Viking, Scenic, and Uniworld offer a diverse array of European river cruise options. Along the way are charming villages, storied capital cities, fairy tale castles, vineyards and more – all accessible from your “floating hotel”. Recommended for first-time river cruises– Danube, Rhine, Seine, Doro and for the more experienced cruisers looking to dig deeper – Bordeaux, Dordogne, Douro, Elbe, Main, Moselle, Po, Rhone. But you can also cruise Egypt’s famed Nile, the Mekong River in Vietnam and the Yangtze in China. Many of our most avid cruisers have become devoted fans!

River cruises offer the luxury and convenience of an ocean cruise but with a more in-depth experience through land tours. Once you step onboard, you can relax and enjoy your days while you cruise along the river and take in magnificent sights right from your balcony. On your river cruise, you will step ashore fabled cities and fairytale towns, where you will be immersed in the local culture and learn the history of the towns situated along the world’s best rivers!

Bicycling is a great way for active river cruisers to explore Europe in spring, immerse themselves in local culture, see trees and hillsides blossom and mingle with the locals. Most lines provide complimentary bicycles for guest use and some have guided bicycle excursions in certain destinations.

Choose from a wide range of river cruises all around the world and explore the interior of countries along beautiful rivers. River cruises are both luxurious and intimate, with less than 150 guests on the ship. In turn, guests enjoy personalized, gracious and consistently exceptional service and hospitality.

Experience a whole new way of cruising and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime to Europe, Russia, Asia or Africa!