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Baltic - A Destination Like no Other

Unlocking the Beauty and Charm of the Baltic

For many years, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden were under served cruise destinations for luxury travelers, but that is no longer the case thanks to the explosion in the region's popularity. Blessed with beautiful natural sites, a rich culture and a mix of old and new world charm, it is no wonder that the cities of Tallinn, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and others are others are benefiting from an increase in cruise ship traffic. A cruise down the Baltic is a very relaxing vacation, and it can be done through many of the top companies in the industry today. Whether you want to spend a week on a Princess boat or you are looking for a bit more excitement with a river cruise, the Baltic is a magical area that is a must see for cruise enthusiasts.

Magical Ports of Call

While the cities on the Baltic may not be as famous as their neighbors in Western or Southern Europe, they are can't miss sites that are easily accessible by boat. When you cruise the Baltic, you are also offered the chance to go and explore Russia without a lot of the red tape that can come with obtaining a tourist visa to enter the country. By booking an excursion through your ship, you will be allowed to explore the magic and mystery of St. Petersburg. In Tallinn, you can learn the history of this medieval city and explore the towers and forts that make up their beautiful old town. Helsinki offers you a chance to see a church that is literally carved into a rock. The city also is home to some of Scandinavia's finest museums. Stockholm is teeming with life, and will leave you stunned by the country's stately palaces, castles and green spaces. You can also check out their unique arts and design scene. Taking the time to cruise the Baltic is a vacation that will provide you with more than enough memories to last an entire lifetime.