Adventure, upgraded

Exploration is about going beyond the horizon in search of new experiences and meeting the people who live there. But “adventuring” doesn’t have to mean “roughing it.” Comfort trips open up the world’s incredible places in a style that doesn’t skimp on frills, extras, and the finer things.

Raw experiences, refined edges

  • More meals, fewer hassles - Comfort tours feature more included meals than those of other Travel Styles, and feature everything from great restaurants to home-cooked feasts.
  • Get around quicker - Short flights, comfortable sleeper trains, and private vehicles to connect faraway places quickly, public transport to connect with the people in them.
  • Accommodations - Spend the night in lodgings that reflect the character of your surroundings, from a converted fort in India to Moroccan riad to a cabin aboard a ship in the Galápagos.
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