Food & Wine

Wine & beautiful view of Caldera and Aegean sea, Santorini

Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Wine and GrapesThe thriving culture of wine from Australia or Argentina, the unmatched pizza from Naples, Italy, or the ocean fresh lobster off the coast of Maine; the essence of a place, its history and culture, is captured in its food and wine. Food doesn't just enable culture; it is culture; it nourishes us and gives us a taste of the cultures we're exploring. For those with discerning palates, the experience leaves us with an enhanced appreciation of their destination. 

People are fascinated with all things culinary as evidenced by the proliferation of cooking magazines and shows. While you too may enjoy local delicacies when you travel, perhaps you aspire to a hands-on experience into the world of food. After all, some of life’s fondest memories came from time spent in the kitchen. Maybe it was grandma whipping up her pies and cookies or dad putting the perfect spice blend in his famous chili. Your own culinary repertoire could be enhanced taking a cooking class with first class chefs in regions known worldwide for their cuisine.

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