Ancient and mysterious in nature, the wonders of Africa, the Middle East, and India are sure to enchant even the most experienced cruiser. Surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Africa has a ring of prime ports that will help travelers discover the intricacies of this exciting continent. From the beauty of the Gold Coast to the plains and plateaus of Namibia, an African cruise with Regent Seven Seas Cruises is a unique vacation option, filled with intriguing ports-of-call, rich culture, and natural beauty you won't find anywhere else.

With a Regent Seven Seas Cruise, you won't have to worry about picking only a handful of cities - in fact, an African cruise will introduce you to the wonders of India, Africa, and the Middle East in one convenient cruise package. With stops that include Cairo, Egypt and Agadir, Morocco, you'll marvel at the Giza pyramids and Sphinx in the Sahara and experience sun-drenched days in an upscale resort-like setting. No matter your proclivity-fine dining, history, or nature-- there's something for you on a Regent Seven Seas African cruise.

Seven Seas Mariner, Navigator & Voyager

Depending on the exact cruise chosen, your African cruise booked through All-Travel will take you on board the Seven Seas Mariner, Navigator, or Voyager. The Seven Seas Mariner, which was fully refurbished in 2014, is a 700-passenger luxury cruise line that appeals to travelers seeking tailored onboard experiences, while cruisers on board the Seven Seas Navigator will enjoy large suites with ocean views, the majority with private balconies. Finally, those on board the Seven Seas Voyager will enjoy plentiful amenities, four main dining venues, and indulgent personal service throughout. Regardless of the cruise line, Regent Seven Seas is known for exceeding even the loftiest expectations for luxury.

Things to Do in Africa, India, and the Middle East

Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy the Highlights of Goa excursion filled with temples and churches that will introduce you to the Indian culture, while nature enthusiasts will enjoy their time in Cape Town- often lauded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, complete with vast mountains and impressive beaches. Finally, those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life will love Mumbai, the most populous city in the world. While in Mumbai, cruisers will enjoy an endless array of sights and cultural activities, including shopping, dining, and plenty of entertainment.

Although each cruise ship has a different itinerary and will stop at different cities, there are several very popular port cities that virtually every ship makes a stop at, including Cape Town, Durban, and Walvis Bay. Passengers onboard an African cruise will likely have hundreds of offshore excursion available to them- simply pick and choose the activities that interest you the most. Whether you prefer guided tours or solo exploration, you can easily plan your own excursions at each stop along the way.

African Cruise Tips

With greater distances involved, African cruises typically cover more ground. It's not uncommon for African cruises to last 20+ days, so plan accordingly. Flights from the U.S. to Africa are lengthy so, if possible, fly direct. If you do have a layover, give yourself extra time, and plan to reach the city of your departure one to two days in advance in case of a delay. If you can afford the extra time and expense, consider adding on a pre- or post-cruise safari package - you won't regret the decision to experience the African wildlife up close and personal.

Finally, some advance vaccinations or malaria medication may be recommended, depending on where you're traveling in Africa. Consult with your doctor ahead of time, and check the website for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection for more information. You'll also want to stick to bottled water when visiting port cities, as water in many African destinations isn't safe to drink.

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