An African Safari with African Travel is the only way to experience the wonders of Africa

Picture yourself traveling in the path of the famed explorer Livingstone, boating down the Zambezi River, looking out for hippos and crocodiles, listening for the thunderous roar of the great Victoria Falls just beyond. Imagine looking out on the Great Migration as you float in a hot air balloon above the Serengeti Plains. Perhaps you envision yourself as an artful National Geographic photographer, zooming in on the matriarch elephant playing joyfully in the returning waters of the Okavango Delta. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to see the actual “snows of Kilimanjaro” or the endangered “gorillas in the mist. Whatever your dreams of Africa, think of All-Travel and African Travel as your idea guide – a kaleidoscope of inspirational itineraries you can use to mix and match and create the perfect safari just for you. Consider the style and pace you wish to travel – luxuriously or quite comfortably, relaxed or adventurous, to well-traveled or remote destinations; and your special interests, be they wildlife, scenic landscapes, history, culture or volunteering. Experience Africa the way it was meant to be experience - through an African Safari!

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