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Pickleball for Advanced 4.0+ Level Players

Find your happy place - Pickleball at Club Med Turkoise! Pickleball play includes professional instruction and coaching, open play, round-robin, plus a variety of skill-building games and activities. Open to advanced 4.0+ level players, play Pickleball at a fabulous location while on vacation!

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  • Includes Professional Pickleball instruction and coaching
  • Features Pickleball Qigong, a practice to improve body awareness and increase sustainability on the courts, specifically designed with a Pickleball focus!
  • Experience Club Med's all-inclusive resort

Turks & Caicos January 9-14, 2025

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Carpe Dink’em Pickleball Adventures presents ... Pickleball in Turks & Caicos (Club Med Turkoise) January 9-14th, 2025

Enjoy an all-inclusive resort stay in beautiful Turks & Caicos and receive expert Pickleball instruction. With maximum of 1:8 coach to player ratio, participants receive personalized attention with expert quality Pro coaches and matched-level players.

Learn and understand the “WHYs” of the game of Pickleball. Why do we learn all the different mechanics of shots?
Why do we need to learn positioning?
Why is strategy a key skill?

From shot selection to mechanics, learn how to properly face all types of opponents and how to neutralize them to your advantage. From serve to paddle tap, come out with greater awareness of how to construct your game and have fun playing!

Skills will include:




Dinking with a Purpose


Enjoy Club Med’s all-inclusive resort with its wide variety of amenities!



January 9-14th, 2025 (5 nights / 6 days)

All-inclusive* package includes all resort activities, meals, beverages with open bar, all Pickleball instruction and open play, round-trip airport transfers, all taxes and fees. *excludes air transportation

In addition to Pickleball, revel in all that Club Med has to offer, from sailing to yoga, from spa services to trapeze lessons - there is something for everyone at Club Med.
Food, beverages, accommodations, and all activities are included in one price.

Pricing details for the 9-14 January 2025 group

Pricing and cancellation policy:

Pricing from $1,840.00 per person, based on double occupancy. Single occupancy upon request, subject to availability.

Room types/upgrades available, upon request.

Cancellation by September 30 will result in nonrefundable fees of $60 for the Club Med membership and $175 for a portion of the Pickleball Management Services. All other payments are refundable up to that date. After October 1 all monies paid are 100% nonrefundable. 


Meet the Pickleball Coaching Team:

Join us in Turks and Caicos for some fabulous Pickleball and sublime vacation time!

You are invited to join a group of advanced (4.0+) level Pickleball players for this exclusive instructional experience with the BlockNISS Monsters!

Daniela and Micahel Niss will share game strategy focusing on the “whys” of the game and how to best approach and respond to different types of shots. This is designed for and advanced-level players’ to hone in on skills, build greater awareness of strategy to apply and effectively utilize this information. This will include personalized video critique.

Michael Niss a.k.a.The Pickleball Whisperer is a sought after Pickleball coach who grew up in the Detroit area and moved to South Florida in 1985. He and his wife Daniella first discovered Pickleball in 2015 and have been playing together daily ever since. An accomplished tournament player, Michael competes in events throughout the United States, including as a two-time US Open Finalist; a gold medalist in the Tournament of Champions, PPA Mesa, World Pickleball Open Championship; and two-time gold medalist in the USDA Regional.

In addition to playing Pickleball, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the sport with others. To date, he has had the opportunity to instruct/coach over 500 players of all skill levels (2.0 - 5.0). Michael is recognized throughout the Pickleball community for his advanced strategic insight, as well as his unique (and often humorous) ability to communicate constructive concepts.

"Michael Niss has been my instructor for the Intermediate Clinic through our Club. His 10-week curriculum showcases the strategies of the game to fully understand the game. He models these skills in a manner that is easy to understand and incorporate into the game. Each week the lesson builds from the last one. I have taken many clinics from other teachers, but Michael's lessons go above and beyond."-Debi D

"As the President of our Club, I have watched Michael Niss teach our Intermediate Clinic with a full knowledge of the game and the strategy. Many of the students have praised Michael and his style of teaching. He teaches with an all-around understanding of the game and how to execute many shots. Our Club's membership has tripled in numbers since he started teaching 5 years ago." -Norm D.


Daniella Niss competes and medaled in Pickleball tournaments throughout the United States, including US Nationals (2 times); Senior Nationals (player and referee); US Open (2-time medalist). Daniella is a Level 2 Certified Referee. She is part of the coaching staff for Delay Beach Pickleball Club's Intermediate Clinic.

and making a difference are important to Daniella. As Delay Beach Pickleball Club Board Member, Daniella establishes relationships through Pickleball in support of charitable organizations, including the Gift of Life; Make-a-Wish Foundation; Achievement Center for Children and Families of Delay Beach Wounded Warriors; and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

She oversees tournament operations for the Delay Beach Pickleball Club - 2021 had over 800 participants and 2022 had over 960 participants.
Daniella's background is in education as a teacher and administrator. Using her knowledge in education and educational leadership, Daniella enjoys teaching players of all levels.

"Daniella is an outstanding instructor who effectively combines advanced pickleball knowledge with limitless creativity.
Her instructional style, as well as her ability to adapt to any level, creates an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for each of her students." - Norm Dickman, Delay Beach Pickleball Club President


Ellen Korelitz

If the day ends in a ‘Y’, you will find Ellen Korelitz on the Pickleball courts! She has played at least three hours a day, seven days a week for the past eight years. Originally from Massachusetts, Ellen now resides in a hotbed of Pickleball action: Boca Raton, Florida. After a successful professional career in the corporate world, Ellen traded in her Montblanc pen for a Pickleball paddle. With an unending passion, Ellen shares her skills and passion for the game, coaching all levels of players in both one-on-one and small group settings. She served as consultant for a popular line of Pickleball clothing where she helped build the company infrastructure and launch the brand. Ellen is a brand ambassador for Franklin Pickleball, one of the top Pickleball companies in the world. Ellen has an impressive tournament record medaling in singles’, women’s, and mixed doubles’ tournaments. Her podium appearances include The South Florida Slam, Davie Shootout, USAPA Atlantic Regionals, Beer City Open, just to name a few. She is an instructor for clinics of all types and has held several “learn to play” colloquiums, fast-tracking new players to immediate proficiency on the court.

Ellen is quite passionate about combining her love for Pickleball and her belief in philanthropy and community outreach. In addition to countless volunteer hours for numerous organizations, she creates and executes several highly successful Pickleball fundraising events. A recent focus is supporting Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Gift of Life.      

Fitness is critical to level up one’s game and to sustain health and longevity. Ellen conducts fun and engaging Pickleball fitness classes designed to build strength, coordination, and cardio health, all curated for the advancement of one’s game. She guides participants through a paddle-integrated program consisting of warm up and cool down stretching, high intensity workouts, Pickleball-specific circuit training, Pickleball Tabata, and interval training for all levels of fitness.



Health and wellness elements are included with every Carpe Dink’em group experience.

Pickleball Qigong with Patrick W Smith:

Pickleball calls upon our bodies to perform movements many of us can make without much preparation. However, other movements do need gentle rehearsal before we take them to the Pickleball courts. As more people play Pickleball, more injuries will occur. We are seeing increasing numbers of small and large injuries because our ageless competitive minds are taking our bodies on journeys that our bodies aren't quite ready to take. Our desire to play is writing checks our bodies cannot cash.

Patrick Smith has developed Pickleball Qigong, the seamless blending of Ancient Chinese Balance, Breathing and Relaxation practices and Pickleball Court movements. Every movement the body can make, in any arena of play, has a corresponding practice technique in Qigong. Pickleball Qigong is fun. It wakes the body up. It trains the body in ways that make Pickleball court movement easier and safer. The human body moves within a sphere of potential motion. As we grow, our sphere of movement becomes habitual. We use some motions a lot, and other motions very little. Most of us don't practice balancing on one foot or moving backward while facing forward. As we age, our habitual movements often diminish and the ones we did not do much in our youth simply fade away.

Patrick Smith is an International Master level Black Belt instructor for Dillman Karate International and has studied Chinese martial arts with two Chinese masters since 2006.


Carpe Dink’em Pickleball offers Pickleball Vacations With Heart - It’s What Sets Us Apart!

The group vacation experience includes a "giving exchange" with those in destination. Travel With Heart involves the cultural and community connection to expand learning, deepen understanding, and foster real friendships. Participants have the option to spend time with our local hosts at their facility as well to host local groups at the Club Med resort. This unique aspect of the Carpe Dink’em Pickleball experience is a highlight for those who take part. Participants can also choose to Pack With Purpose, offering requested supplies for those within these local communities. Punta Cana Picklers partner with Calasanz Bavaro School in Punta Cana. The specific group experiences are customized based on destination.

Contact Melinda Alcosser by phone at 310-903-5107 or by email at for booking and more information.

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