Kani, Maldives

Kani, Maldives

  • A garden island perched on turquoise blue waters in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

    Located in the Maldives, Club Med Kani is a paradise like island for everyone, especially divers. Solely reserved for Village guests, Kani”s unique 75 Suites on Stilts emerge from the lagoon’s surface, providing uninterrupted and breathtaking views of the magnificent white sand beach and crystal clear waters.

    Uncover the exquisite tastes of Asia, dive down into the water’s depths, or just relax in the sun. Whether its relaxation, sports or excursions, enjoy it all in a laid-back ambience. Amid the lush wildlife inhabited by multi-colored birds, the rooms at Kani provide services tailored for demanding Robinson Crusoes.

  • In the heart of a magnificent island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the refurbished bungalows are set between lush vegetation and a magnificent beach of clean white sand lining crystal clear waters. Just like Robinson Crusoe you can live in this pirate paradise. Single story Bungalows are dotted throughout the island with numerous suites.

    Club room


    Dispersed throughout the coconut grove facing the sea, either on the ground floor or on the 1st floor, you enjoy a beautiful view of the gardens.

    Among the Club room, you will be able to enjoy:

    • Superior Room
    • Superior Connecting Room

    The facilities

    • Air-conditioning
    • Hair-dryer
    • Mini-fridge
    • Security safe(s)
    • Shower(s
    • Telephone
    • Television
    • U.S. electrical plugs / 220 Volts
    • Ventilator


    The bungalows are facing the sea and shaded by coconut. They are at street level or upstairs.

    You will be able to personalize your accommodation at the time of reservation

    Floor plan of the Club room


    Deluxe room


    On the edge of the beach on the ground floor, ideal for lovers, you will appreciate the bathroom open to the sky, the sea view from your terrace... and much more...

    Among the Deluxe room, you will be able to enjoy:

    • Beach Villa

    The facilities

    • Air-conditioning
    • CD player
    • Hair-dryer
    • Mini-fridge
    • Shower(s)
    • Telephone
    • Television

    You will be able to personalize your accommodation at the time of reservation

    Floor plan of the Deluxe room




    For a unique and unforgettable holiday, fall under the charm of this little Suite which, from your private terrace, allows you to dive directly into the sea and offers you an uninterrupted view of the lagoon. The suites are accessible from pontoons that form the arc of a circle in the waters of the lagoon. Fully-equipped terrace with teak furniture and direct access to the sea.

    Among the Suites, you will be able to enjoy:

    • Lagoon Suite

    The facilities

    • Air-conditioning
    • Bath
    • CD player
    • Hair-dryer
    • Iron and ironing-board
    • Mini-fridge
    • Security safe(s)
    • Shower(s)
    • Telephone
    • Television
    • U.S. electrical plugs / 220 Volts
    • Ventilator


    One reaches these bungalows on stilts, by way of a series of raised walkways which traverse the lagoon in the form of a half circle. Each bungalow is equipped with a private deck and stairway which allows direct access to the sea and an unmatched view of the lagoon.

    You will be able to personalize your accommodation at the time of reservation

    Floor plan of the Suites

    We cater for everyone's taste: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bar and Snacks available all day long.

    Bar & Snacking


    Full open bar with premum alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages* and gourmet cuisine throughout the day. Enjoy a glass of wine during a meal or a refreshing cocktail by the pool. Whatever your pleasure, quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included*.

    *Except from Champagne, VSOP and XO spirits, some premium brands, wine list, canned and/or bottled drinks and mini-bar, which are at an extra charge.

    The Vehli


    International cuisine buffets and traditional Asian cuisine... give in to temptation and enjoy these dishes with their exotic names, enter a world of new flavours.

    The Kandu


    This specialty restaurant offers you the chance to enjoy a meal in an idyllic setting: in the shade, on a teak pontoon over a lagoon with clear blue water... there is no excuse for missing this.

    Main bar

    Set next to the secondary restaurant, this bar offers unbeatable views over the lagoon and its turquoise water, while you bury your feet in the sand and enjoy the shade of the coconut trees.

    In this highly refined Club Med Village, the relaxation and sporting activities are offered in a stress-free atmosphere.



    Included in your package

    On the limpid waters of our lagoon, take the time to discover sailing on catamarans.

    And also...

    Leisure / Relaxation (Included in your package):


    • Badminton
    • Beach / Pool
    • Club Med activities
    • Petanque
    • Table tennis

    Leisure / Relaxation (Optional Extra*):

    • Creativity workshop
    • Wellness Centre

    Sport (Included in your package):


    • Aquafitness
    • Club Med Fitness
    • Kayak
    • Sailing
    • Snorkeling
    • Water-polo
    • Windsurfing
    • Beach-volleyball
    • Football
    • Volley-ball

    Soothed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a comfortable treatment room, you will feel in another world and won't ever want to leave. In these gentle havens, you can finally make time for yourself without cutting off completely from the rest of the world and the many other activities on offer in the Club Med Village.

    Introduction to the benefits of treatments such as ethnic, traditional or more innovative massages**, and to the most state-of-the-art skincare treatment for the face and body. Renewed moments of harmony to help you make peace with your body and let your mind gently drift away.

    The Discovery Centre offers a variety of excursions (service with extra cost) to discover the country.


    Flight over the islands by seaplane (20 mins)

    Magnificent views of the islands of Male North Atoll. You will take off from the Club Med beach by seaplane to admire for about twenty minutes, the barrier reefs and several islands including Male, the capital.

    Robinson by hydrofoil (1 day)

    The most beautiful panoramas, flying over 4 atolls. A day packed with snorkeling.

    Lunch with crawfish and relax on two paradise-like islands.

    The most comprehensive excursion. Three flights by sea plane will give you plunging views of the magnificent barrier reef and on the islands of the four atolls.

    First stop at Vashugiri, a small inhabited island by Felidhu. This atoll will amaze you with its well-preserved sea beds.

    Second stop at Etheremadivaru Island in Ari Atoll, possibly the most photogenic island in the Maldives.

    After a crawfish lunch, free time for snorkeling in an exceptional setting or swimming in the blue lagoon. Return, by seaplane, to the Club Med after an unforgettable day.

    Shopping in Male (1/2 day)

    Guided tour through the busy streets of Male and free time for shopping.

    Discover Male, said to be the second smallest capital in the world, visit its Grand Mosque on a Friday, its park, fish and fruit markets and harbour.

    Stroll through its many streets with a wide variety of crafts shops that will leave you spoiled for choice.

    Speedboat rental (a la carte)

    Hire a speedboat to visit the islands of your choice in Male North Atoll.

    The blue lagoon (1/2 day)

    Visit to two islands: Huraa, the fishermen's island and charming Thulhaagiri. Combine the visit with shopping and snorkeling.

    In Huraa, a fishing village, you will discover the traditional Maldives coral houses and you will take time to appreciate the local crafts in numerous shops.

    In Thulaagiri, you will enjoy the beach and the lagoon where you can explore its sea beds rich in coral and fish.

    These excursions can be booked on-site at the resort's tours desk


    Country overlook

    General Information
    Set in a archipelago of the Maldives on the island of Kanifinholu, 20 km from the capital Male (transfer by boat: 30 min).

    Immerse yourself in this dream Village, a veritable garden isle floating in the Indian ocean and explore the wonders of the hidden depths. A Village just above the waterline, bordered by a white, sandy beach. An unforgettable destination and a perfect spot for those who love scuba diving.

    The Republic of Maldives is a paradise of deep blue lagoons and chain islands. It is situated in the Indian ocean, a chain of 26 atolls southwest of Sri Lanka, made of 1,190 islands from which only 200 are inhabited.

    Maldives stretches from North to South on 820 km, whereas the widest part is 120 km. You will discover lying islands as their maximum height is 8 feet above sea level and their maximum length is 4.5 miles!

    The nation is made of 1% land and 99% sea, which make it a key destination for amazing scuba diving and great surfing. The underwater life is one of the wildest and richest. You will discover great coral reefs, incredible species and vegetation.

    Full Country Name: Republic of Maldives
    Population: 300,000
    Area300 km2
    Capital City: Male
    Languages: English, Divahi and Maldivian
    Religions: Sunni, Muslim
    Government: Republic: headed by President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoum

    When To Go
    Maldives have a tropical climate. The year is separated into 2 main seasons, determined by the monsoons. The hottest month is April, whereas the coolest is December.

    The Northeast Monsoon season is characterized by sunny weather, clear skies, low humidity and amazing water clarity. As for the Southeast Monsoon season, visitors will encounter a wetter season, cloudy skies, occasional winds and higher humidity levels.

    As the Maldives are situated on the equatorial belt, you will very rarely encounter storms.
    High season: Northeast Monsoon - December to April: 26 - 30 degrees C. Rainfall: 7 days per month
    Low season: Southwest Monsoon - May to November: 27 - 30 degrees C. Rainfall: 16 days per month

    Time Zone: 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+5 GMT)
    Voltage Requirements: 230 volts, 50 Hz

    Maldivian Rufiyaa. You should arrive with US$ or Euros and change it after arrival as it is impossible to find this currency else where. Note: All expenses incurred in Club Med Kani will be charged in local currency (Maldivian Rufiyaa). However, should you wish to settle all payment by credit card, the amount will be converted into USD as this is applicable to all credit card companies. As such, an official fixed rate authorized by the Maldivan Monetary Authority of MVR12.75 (subject to changes as per current rate) will be applied.

    Dress Code
    In Male: Maldives is a Muslim country, so please cover up (sleeved shirts and skirts below the knees or trousers for women and no shorts for men) should you decide to leave the Village on an excursion to a Mosque or religious festival.
    In Village: European style.


    Medical assistance in the Village:

    • A nurse and a diving doctor are present in the Village at pre-definite times
    • Medical consultations on request (payment in local currency)
    • First-aid kits at disposal in the different services of the Village and at the front desk

    Medical assistance outside the Club Med:

    • General practitioners and specialists and chemist's shops/drugstores in Male
    • Decompression chamber in the ADK hospital of Male

    Recommended vaccinations:

    • Diphtheria,
    • Tetanus,
    • Polio,
    • Hepatitis A and B

    Some parasitic or viral diseases can be circulated by mosquito bites. The use of skin and clothing insect repellents is strongly recommended in some periods of the year.

    Local transport

    Transfer Village / Male*

    Means of payment in the Village

    Currency: Maldives Rufiyaa

    Exchange office in the Village at the information desk

    ATM Machine

    * no cash dispenser in the Village

    * nearest bank in Male

    Accepted credit cards (for payments only)

    • American Express
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Eurocard

    Other methods of payment

    • * only Traveller's cheques in US dollars are accepted

    It is forbidden to leave the country with local currency.

    Practical life

    Internet*, Shopping*, Tumble-dryer*, Washing machine*

    * At an additional charge

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