Factors to Consider When Embarking on a World Cruise

Once you have decided to take a world cruise, choosing the right voyage should be based on:


Previous experience with the cruise line


Departure dates and cruise itineraries can vary greatly


Costs can range from relatively expensive to very expensive - depending on the cruise line

Committing to a 3 or 4 month world cruise requires a little bit of homework and a lot of planning. Once you have decided to go and you have some budget goals, then the number of days at sea and the ports of call are important factors to consider when choosing your cruise line. World cruise accommodations range from being very comfortable on most lines to pure opulence on the luxury lines.


The number of days at sea may vary depending on the voyage, so if the onboard experience is more important to you than the destinations, choose a ship that is at sea more then it is in port. Typically, world travelers are experienced cruisers who have cruised often with several cruise lines... so your familiarity with service, cuisine, amenities and onboard entertainment is a crucial factor when choosing your world cruise.


If your world cruise plans are focused on visiting cities and countries on your bucket list, then an itinerary that visits many ports and includes overnights should be your choice. Most world cruises depart from London, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale or Sydney and new improved itineraries are developed every year. For those that like to get off the ship and explore, we offer private shore excursion options which include things like VIP Vatican tours and zip line experiences. We can help ensure your cruise itinerary matches the experience you have in mind and will be there through every step of the process.


Cruising the world should be a carefree experience that delivers the most satisfaction and value for your travel budget. Prepare to be pampered while aboard your cruise ship but know that you don’t always have to pay a premium price for a premium experience. When choosing your world cruise itinerary you will get the most savings if you book early and we can help you get some exclusive discounts!