The Luxury World Cruise Experience

A world cruise is a fabulous opportunity to see the entire world on one vacation! Cruising has multiple advantages over land vacations, including allowing you to travel easily from one destination to another while only having to unpack once. Passengers get a luxurious stateroom to call their own without the enormous burden of dragging luggage from one place to the next as well as the convenience of having all meals (and sometimes beverages) provided for them.

Some shorter cruises only sail to a few destinations but luxury world cruises are much longer. The most opulent kind of cruise is an around the world cruise, allowing people to see at least several continents and multiple countries.

Luxury world cruises are dedicated to providing a vacation with the highest standards possible in the most incredible surroundings. Most passengers can expect a stateroom with a verandah, maid or butler service, and the three gourmet meals a day. Cruisers can also expect a lengthy trip with ports of call in exotic and fascinating places.

An example of a typical luxury cruise might begin by sailing from a major U.S. city, such as New York City. After leaving New York, the ship would travel down the Eastern seaboard of the United States to allow passengers to explore major American coastal cities such as Washington, D.C., Charleston, South Carolina and Miami, Florida. The itinerary might then allow passengers to explore a few destinations in the Caribbean before going through the Panama Canal and traveling to the islands of the South Pacific and then to Australia.

After that, cruisers might sail along the coast of India then through the Suez Canal to visit Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt and Israel. An around the world cruise might conclude with visits to Italian coastal cities such as Venice and Naples and, then to the coasts of France and Spain. The itinerary might end with a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and disembarking back at New York.

Luxury world cruises and extended voyages vary greatly in length. Some are only about fifty days while others can take more than half a year to complete. Some world cruises are broken up into segments, allowing travelers to choose only parts of the voyage. For example, a passenger might opt for the segment that covers the journey from Asia to Europe rather than the whole trip.

A luxury world cruise is one of the most amazing ways to see the world. If you've always yearned for the chance to see our globe up while living like royalty, this is the vacation for you.