It's becoming increasingly common for people to set out on leisure sojourns alone and many resorts, cruise lines and tour companies now cater to the needs of the single traveler more than ever before. Instead of waiting for a partner to come along and help you explore the world, you should consider getting out there and discovering new places on your own. After all, your chances of meeting a mate are much greater while dancing under the stars on the deck of a cruise ship than if you're sitting home alone watching the Travel Channel. Here are some tips for those thinking about embarking on a fun solo adventure.

Select Fascinating Destinations

The more geographically stunning and culturally enriching your destinations are, the more engaged you will be while on your trip. The best way to see several different top quality destinations during your trip is to take a luxury cruise. In the course of two weeks, for example, you could attend a wine festival in the heart of Spain's ancient wine country, eat an authentic Greek meal in a village on a remote island, or enjoy the bounty of a fresh seafood feast in an Italian fishing village.

Many people think of cruises as vacations occurring primarily on the water, but the former examples are just a few of the activities you can enjoy while on your shore excursions. During the evening, you'll be enjoying expertly crafted cuisine and cocktails along with world-class on-board entertainment before falling asleep to the soothing sound of the ocean waves.

Cruises Aren't for the Tropics Anymore

If you're an adventurous nature lover, you might want to consider taking a cruise through the Inside Passage of Alaska or down through the mysterious waters near the continent of Antarctica. Many travelers have considered these to be the trips of a lifetime, however, if you’d rather indulge in fine food and wine then you'd have a blast cruising down the rivers of Eastern Europe on a boutique river cruise.

Don't let being single hold you back from seeing the wonders of the world. Single people go on cruises all the time, and because of their all-inclusive nature, cruising is a great way to travel. You won't have to drive, seek out hotel rooms, or worry about getting lost in unfamiliar environments!

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