There's so much for your children to do in the Celebrity X-Club Youth Programs which feature Fun Factory for ages 3-11 and Teen Entertainment for ages 12-17. Each program keeps them engaged and having a great time in an environment designed just for them. A Welcome Aboard Information package and Open House Orientation will fill you in on all the details of the Fun Factory and Teen Entertainment programs. They can explore all the possibilities and you can get answers to any questions you may have. You can also go ahead and get them registered for the activities that excite them.

From teen-oriented entertainment to special opportunities for toddlers and their parents to interact with each other, the Fun Factory and Teen Entertainment programs are designed to make sure your children enjoy their Celebrity experience as much as you do. You can even join your children for Family Events like Karaoke, Family Disco, Bingo and more.

Programs are available year round From 9 a.m. each morning, or half an hour before arriving in each port.

The five-tiered program includes:

  • Toddler Time (under 3 years old)
  • Ship MatesSM (ages 3-5)
  • Celebrity CadetsSM (ages 6-8)
  • EnsignsSM (ages 9-11)
  • Admiral TeensSM (ages 12-17)

*Program age groups may vary slightly in low season based on the number of children on board


Celebrity would like to offer pagers to use while onboard should they have a child with disabilities, special needs, allergies or in the event you wish to participate in their fun filled youth activities. Pagers are first come-first serve and have limited availability.

*(Not available on Celebrity Century & Celebrity Mercury).

Toddler Time

Children participating in organized Fun Factory events must be age 3 and fully potty trained. However you can accompany your child to the Fun Factory or any organized activity. Toddler Time is also offered to allow the parents of toddlers and their children to interact with other children their age. The Youth Staff (X-Club) team will provide suitable toys and products for your toddlers. Please check the Fun Factory (X-Club) daily program for times and locations. In accordance with USPH policies and standards, Celebrity has provided each vessel with lavatory based changing tables and baby wipes.

Fun Factory

This is where the magic happens and the fun starts. A place exclusively for junior cruisers. Open from 9:00am until 10:00pm each and every night, entertaining every child and teen onboard the vessel with crafts, games, toys, arcade games, music, karaoke, and much much more Come step inside on the first day of the cruise for our Open House, where families can get all the information they need about the Fun Factory Programs and we plan each junior cruiser's fun-filled vacation.

Teen Entertainment

For our young adults aged 12-17, Celebrity offers a supervised yet independent program featuring various social activities designed for ultimate fun. Please check the Teen daily for details.

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