on Dec 08, 2009

Dear Kat,

It went magnificently. Every single step of the whole trip, from checking bags online, embarking, and customs was a breeze on board. Hollandright America is SO organized and efficient. Our room was exactly as we remembered it on the last cruise 2 years ago. The food was very very good, and the shows were fine. The staff could NOT have been more pleasant every minute of the two weeks. We both feel that it was worth every single red cent we spent. and for my husband to say that is saying something, believe me. The flights were also great.

We happened to run into rough seas the first night out so by Saturday morning when we were supposed to dock at Half Moon Cay, HAL's own island, we had to bypass it completely - so we got our refund and taxes on the jet ski excursion we had been looking forwrad to - but also we were so queasy that a.m. that we were actually very glad that it was canceled anyway. right

The islands were lovely, mon, saw a monkey up in a tree, etc. and met interesting people.  It was a great trip. It was a wonderful rest for the both of us, just exactly what we needed. thank you for your help.


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