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From the moment we boarded to the day of disembarkation we were treated like family

If you have young children and want to take a vacation, Club Med is the only way to go. The children’s clubs are world-renowned!

 You did a great job arranging everything we needed around using our airline miles. Everything was smooth, and we were able to enjoy our trip without having to fix anything significant along the way.  We're already talking about the next trip to Europe. Here are a few notes from the trip: 

I would highly recommend a visit to Ixtapa Club Med for you, your friends and your family as it was a wonderful experience that I would really like to do again.

When I learned that I was going to host the Silver Spirit in February 2015, I was elated! This would be my first sailing on Silversea. My expectations were high as I have booked so many clients on Silversea previously. I couldn’t wait to board the ship in Auckland.

Many thanks. I especially appreciated your help, Sandra with planning the trip, advising me on what rooms to book and answering all my many questions.  The family suite you recommended for Van and myself in SOL was a brilliant choice.

In an ongoing quest to provide the world's finest travel experience, Seabourn has created a partnership with world-renowned American chef and restaurateur Thomas Keller.

I’ve heard it said that true luxury is about choice. Whether or not that’s true, I do know that as a traveler, I appreciate choice.

My husband, myself and 3 friends flew into Sydney to start our trip!  Once there we did a ...

I have been in the travel industry for 9 years and have never been a fan of the all-inclusive resort. Normally the food is mediocre, the activities are redundant, and the people can be rather unappealing. Traveling to Club Med Punta Canaproved me wrong.

She handled our first trip to Ireland last year and is currently working on our 2nd trip. She has dealed with several different departures...

When it comes to travel, maximizing your valuable time is essential. This means every aspect of your journey...

Whether you live in Europe or if you have always wanted to visit various countries throughout, booking a luxurious European cruise is highly recommended..

Since its inception in the 1970’s as a planned tourist destination, Cancun has been known for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm waters, and rollicking club scene. In recent years, Cancun has become more than a destination for the party set.

Victoria's tells us about her trip to Club Med Cancun Yucatan.

New research tells us that planning a vacation increases our happiness.

Ignacio shares some notes from his educationl trip to South Africa and Botswana!

All-Travel Harriet's review on Viking Cruises: Viking Longship Magni; which is their new long ship!

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