Every route’s the scenic route

Before we took to the skies, we rode the rails. The steam locomotive connected the world like no technology that came before it, linking isolated communities to the big cities. The magic of train travel hasn’t diminished with time, yet most of us have forgotten it. Climb aboard and see your world in a new way all over again.

A classic way to travel, rediscovered

  • Iconic railways - Ride the rails on trips built around the iconic railways of yore, like Switzerland’s Glacier Express, India’s Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and the sprawling Trans-Siberian.
  • Easy on the planet - Rail travel is greener than going by car, bus, or plane. Take bigger strides, go deeper into the world, leave smaller footprints, and travel with a lighter conscience.
  • Deeper access - Trains can often get you closer to the heart of the world’s more remote places. Start in the big cities and watch the landscape change from urban to rural to way-out-there.
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