Sea-ing is believing

There’s adventure aplenty out there beyond the shore, but unless you’ve got gills or flippers, you’ll need a ship to find them. Marine tours are designed for travellers of all stripes, from experienced cruisers and sailors to landlubbers who’ve never set foot on a boat. And they go just about everywhere there’s water. If you can float there, you can go there. Go there.

This is your (blue) planet

  • Out-there access - Sea travel brings the world’s remote corners closer. Antarctic penguin rookeries, secluded Thai coves, and the beaches of Greek legend can only be reached by sea.
  • Smaller ships, bigger experiences - Small ships go where big ships can’t. It’s simple physics. GAdventures uses smaller vessels wherever they go to get you deeper into your destination and keep group sizes intimate.
  • Water, water, everywhere - The poles, the Amazon, the Galápagos Islands, and other amazing places are out there, and you sure as heck can’t walk to them. Go beyond where the land ends with GAdventures.
G Adventures