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    Trafalgar is the key to unlocking unforgettable experiences. For more than 60 years, Trafalgar has developed perfectly designed travel experiences and memories. With their vast knowledge and expertise, Trafalgar ensures you will see everything you want and expect, committing to providing you with the vacation of a lifetime. They are always improving and refining tours by taking into consideration the comments and suggestions of past guests. There are so many reasons to travel with Trafalgar. They provide incredible value. You can save up to 30% on cost of traveling on your own with their highly-inclusive packages and they promise no hidden charges, so you know the cost of your vacation before you travel. The people at Trafalgar make the difference with their professional and expert tour directors that will guide you every step of the way and add value to your vacation, while at the same time taking the hassles off your hands. Offering over 200 worldwide itineraries and touring styles, you will be sure to find something that is perfect for you and that you will love. And Trafalgar is proud to provide vacations people love, with 98% of past travelers saying that they will recommend Trafalgar to their friends and family.

    With just the right balance of included sightseeing and time for your own personal discoveries, Trafalgar has perfected the art of touring, providing expertly-designed vacations for their travelers. Travel with Trafalgar and see all the destinations you have always imagined visiting. It's easy...all you have to do is choose an itinerary, a date, then, Dream. Pack. And leave...the rest to them.


    In 1947, former army intelligence officer, Bill Nunn, started Industrial Recreational Services (IRS), the name Trafalgar Tours was known by for the first 12 years of its existence. In 1949, the company, set up to organize group travel and entertainment for the industry, moved its offices to Trafalgar Square in London, eventually giving the company its current name, which was changed in 1959. As the leisure side of the business gained more popularity in the late 50’s, shares were sold to both the Overseas Visitors Club in London and to Mosenthal, a South African conglomerate. As a result, strong links between the company and South Africa were made here, contributing to the success of Trafalgar today. Trafalgar then opened an office in Johannesburg and started to expand to even new areas during the early and mid 60s.

    The original partners sold their shares during this time and the company later introduced the successful concept of newspaper tours, based on travel offers to readers. The newspaper tours were then introduced to Australia in 1967 and as a result, the market replaced South Africa as Trafalgar’s most productive market.  The Tollman family then became involved with Trafalgar in the 70’s and with their vast knowledge and experience of the travel industry, began to take the company to new heights. As the company grew, new programs offered tours to a wider variety of destinations including Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the Far East. Throughout the 60+ years following its inception, Trafalgar has become a world leader in travel by continually adapting to bring their guest better touring experiences.

    Sustainable Tourism

    Trafalgar’s top priority is protecting the environment as well and the places and people they visit. Trafalgar is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their operations all around the world and ensure the places they visit are still remaining for future generations to enjoy.

    No matter how you travel (by car, plane, train or coach) fossil fuels are constantly being burned and emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By choosing a Trafalgar escorted tour, you can be assured that you are selecting one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel while on vacation. Coach transport emits significantly less carbon dioxide compared to other forms of transport. And with carbon dioxide being one of the main causes of global warming, is it good to know that traveling on an escorted tour vacation is a better way to travel.

    The motor coach fleet at Trafalgar is constantly upgraded and they are proud to have one of the best in Europe. With constant improvements to technology, new engines offer greater fuel efficiency, while at the same time emitting fewer pollutants. In addition to supporting local community projects, Trafalgar is introducing recycling, energy reduction and waste minimization projects in order to reduce their carbon footprint and the environmental impact of their offices. Trafalgar staff is also encouraged to spend two working days per year volunteering for charitable projects. Trafalgar believes that we can truly make a difference if we work together.


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