Settled in the tropical spirit of the Caribbean.

La Caravelle is an all-inclusive resort located in Guadaloupe, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Although French and English are the official languages spoken here, the unofficial language that has developed and those who visit soon learn, is the language of smiles, laughter and incredibly relaxed body language. It is a perfect setting for the entire family.

Enliven your spirit with gourmet cuisine, enjoy the sound of the waves and coastal breeze or bake in the warm tropical sun. La Caravelle makes it easy to drown any worry, stress or tension that you might have. And there are a variety of activities and sports for the whole family. The resort offers children’s clubs, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, tennis and much more.

Experience a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Where every parent and child alike uses a voice a little more soothing and softer than the one they use back home.  Come and have a taste of everything at Club Med La Caravelle.

Club Med