Worth a Referral!

Trish Brys Overeem Trish Brys Overeem

What are the main strengths of All-Travel?  1. The quality of brochures and all advertising.  2. The professionalism of staff.  3.Promptness of response to questions and need for information.  4. ALL AROUND DISPLAY OF FIRST CLASS AND QUALITY IN EVERYTHING

In what ways can All-Travel Improve?  I have no suggestions for improvement. My only suggestion is to continue to be on top of everything and if ever you decide to promote a travel consultant, it should be Trish Brys Overeem. She typifies the Mercedes slogan "The best or nothing".

I have been associated with ALL-TRAVEL for many years and ALL my experiences have been excellent. I attribute this to Trish Brys Overeen. She represents ALL-TRAVEL at the highest level!



Diane Has Been the Perfect Agent!

Diane Polss (Retired) Diane Polss (Retired)

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our last cruise on Crystal thanks to all the efforts by Diane Polss.  We have worked with Diane for many years and each time she has been the perfect agent.  We now feel we are great friends with, as well as great fans of, Diane.  She really is a special lady. We intend to have many more adventures planned by our friend Diane and All-Travel. Thanks Diane!


Skip and Nancy

Harriet Sitomer - 5 Star Review

Harriet Sitomer (Retired) Harriet Sitomer (Retired)

How well did the overall service you received from Harriet Sitomer meet your expectations? 10/10

How happy are you with the speed and efficiency at which you receive responses from Harriet Sitomer? 10/10

How happy are you with the attention to detail and thoroughness from Harriet Sitomer? 10/10

How likely would you be to recommend Harriet Sitomer to a friend? 10/10

How likely are you to use Harriet Sitomer to plan your next vacation? 10/10

Richard Piscitello and his associates at ALL-TRAVEL did an outstanding job


Great agent and agency

Our agent, Richard Piscitello and his associates at ALL-TRAVEL did an outstanding job in arranging and booking our Windstar Tapestry cruise to Scandinavia. Richard worked diligently to see to our needs, including obtaining upgrades from the cruise line. While separated by the miles between Connecticut and California we never lost touch with Richard, as he was always available and responsive to our requests.
A thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience, working with Richard and ALL-TRAVEL.

Had A Great Apple Vacations Experience With All-Travel’s Laura!

Laura Bonchonsky Laura Bonchonsky

We found working with All-Travel, and Laura in particular, to be; timely, responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant, and customer oriented.  A great experience!  Laura was very knowledgeable about the hotels we discussed. In fact, she probably saved me a few hundred dollars by informing me I had mistakenly not selected an all-inclusive resort!  Instead, she helped me consider other options.  Thank you so much Laura!


We wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip on the Crystal Mozart

Harriet Sitomer (Retired) Harriet Sitomer (Retired)

Good morning, Harriet,


We wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip on the Crystal Mozart on the Danube and our days in Vienna at the Bristol Hotel.   It was one of the best vacations we have taken.   The Crystal Mozart was a luxurious and well run ship (the President of Crystal Edie Rodriguez – very glamorous – boarded one evening in Budapest but was mostly out of sight).   Food and service were superb as were the shore excursions.  The only issue was the transfer between airport and ship which we understand now is only for the “day of”.    This policy was different from that of the ocean going Crystal ships if you were in the Penthouse category.   I suggested to Crystal that they should consider changing it to something similar for the river cruises.  Anyway, it was an issue which was easily solved and the Crystal Hospitality manager, Sonya, gave us a $100 credit for the misunderstanding.


Harriet, thank you greatly for your gift of onboard credits and for arranging for our Bristol stay – truly a fabulous hotel all around.


Harriet and Patrick, thank you for arranging with the concierge at the Bristol Hotel for our fabulous tickets to the opera, Parsifal, Wagner’s last opera.   It was a new production – updated to take place in Vienna circa 1900 in a psychiatric hospital with threads of Freud and Klimt and a Holy Grail which looked like a Versace crown.   Music, staging, conductor and vocalists were outstanding.


Our schedule still remains difficult to predict but we will contact you when we are ready to travel again.


Once more, thank you.



Miriam and David B