Single Cruisers

Most people think luxury cruises are for couples. It’s for this reason that many cruise lines design their ships  to primarily accommodate traveling couples. For this reason, many other travel agencies leave out solo travelers from the luxury cruising experience. At All-Travel, our goal is to provide solo cruisers with the best prices on the same great cruising experiences as everyone else.

Most cruise lines charge solo travelers what’s known as the single supplement, or an additional fee for solo travelers who reserve a room that was designed for two people. This fee varies, ranging anywhere from 10% up to 100%. In some cases, a cruise line will have rooms designed for just one person but these rooms often sell out very quickly. Since it’s an additional fee, the single supplement often acts as a deterrent for solo travelers. The best way to enjoy a cruise if you’re a solo traveler is to take advantage of All-Travel’s solo traveler deals. In many cases, the deals include significantly reduced or even waived single supplements, allowing solo travelers to enjoy the same great experience without the additional fees.

Another great reason to book your next solo cruise through All-Travel is that the smaller, all-inclusive, and luxury cruise lines that All-Travel has partnered with are actually the most enjoyable for solo cruisers. On the large, multi-thousand passenger cruise lines, solo travelers can feel like a small part of a large and impersonal crowd. Because the cruises booked through All-Travel are generally smaller, they often foster a more social and engaging environment for cruisers. For this reason, solo travelers are able to meet different people and make new friends.. The superior social environment combined with the deals on reduced or waived singe supplements make booking a luxury cruise through All-Travel a much greater value than if you’d book a cruise on a mainstream cruise line.

If you’re interested in going on a singles cruise, or solo traveling in general, check back often to find incredible solo cruise offers from All-Travel. With flash sales, premium deals, and exclusive offers from Crystal Cruises, Uniworld, and other premier names in the industry, you can’t go wrong with booking your next trip with All-Travel. With over 30 years of experience in the travel space, we invite you to explore the world with us.