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Enjoy South America Through Exotic Cruises

Thanks to its pleasant climate, there is no wrong time of the year for cruises to South America.

Steamy beaches. Beautiful rain forests. Snow-capped mountains. Chile. Brazil. Buenos Aires.

There is no more exotic, captivating and romantic locale than South America. And there is no better way to embrace it than through a relaxing cruise.

Cruises to South America will prepare you for the rich culture and history with music, cuisine and entertainment. Through a variety of unique onboard experiences, by time you reach Santiago or Ushuaia you’ll be ready for a vacation that will stay with you forever.

Cruise to Manaus and explore the heart of the Amazon. You could observe manatees and exotic jungle birds. There’s Rio de Janeiro. Spend a few days unwinding on the Atlantic before getting to a city famous for its beautiful waters and equally beautiful bodies. Flush with soaring mountains, sand white beaches and stunning harbors, carnival season will keep you busy and entranced. Rio is a tourist dream and cruises to South America are a great way to reach this amazing city.

The cruise will be a relaxing and wondrous journey. Depending on your final destination, you will view the coastlines, taking in the spectacular locales of Uruguay, the Falkland Islands or Cape Horn. As you move across the Amazon River, you’ll casually flow past the native city sitting in the jungle’s heart. You’ll hear the society of monkeys in the trees. You can get a first hand sighting of fjords and glaciers in Magellan or take in the majestic adventures in Quito or Lima.

South America is a cornucopia of amazing vision and opportunity. Regardless of your cruise choice, you’ll have vibrant experiences. When you disembark you will be greeted in a dazzling show of color and hospitality like no other destination in the world. You can simply take the cruise or partake of a cruise vacation and stay in any of the marvelous lodgings.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never leave your heart. Memories are what cruises to South America are all about.