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Discovering the Baltics

Where are the Baltics 

The Baltic cruising region refers to the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. The Baltics stretch from southern Denmark to near the Arctic Circle and cover almost 150,000 square miles. Along its shores are some of the world’s most fabled cities – Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, to just name a few. The region is becoming one of Europe’s most popular cruising destinations with its unmatched blend of culture, history and stunning scenery. 

When is a Good Time to Go? 

Since most Baltic cruises sail between the months of May and September, you’ll experience Northern Europe’s mild, pleasant weather, endless summer days (thanks to the northerly latitude), white nights and the phenomenon of the midnight sun. 

What Should I Expect on a Baltic Cruise? 

A leisurely sail through regions of breathtaking natural beauty to ports rich with history. A chance to visit renowned museums, castles and cultural sites. Spectacular arts, tempting cuisine and friendly people. One-of-a-kind shops, majestic cities and charming locals. With days that seem to last forever (in high summer, daylight lasts till 11pm) you can take full advantage of a truly original and memorable cruise experience. 

Where Can I Stay Before or After My Cruise? 

Copenhagen and Stockholm are the Baltic’s primary home ports. Many Baltic cruises either begin or end their sailings in one of these two cosmopolitan cities, and we strongly suggest you add two days (at least!) to the beginning or end of your cruise. There’s a lot to explore in these Scandinavian capitols, from Stockholm’s beautiful old churches, large green parks and historic museums to Copenhagen’s winding streets, gorgeous architecture and picturesque canals.