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Scandinavia is a region in Europe just north of the Baltic Sea. When golden twilights stretch into the next day’s dawn, you're taken to the Baltic region where streets are filled with music and laughter. Striking steeples, spirals and towers dominate and surround you as you journey through the vibrant and storied architecture of the region.Even for the most sophisticated traveler, there are always new visions and vistas to surprise and delight.

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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland make up the Scandinavian region. Explore Sweden, Scandinavia’s largest country, and Denmark, its smallest and flattest; enjoy spectacular waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and glaciers in Iceland; discover the many islands and lakes of Finland; and visit the famous fjords, wooden churches and trolls in Norway.

The Scandinavian countries share many similar cultural traits and the entire region is known for its natural beauty, sophisticated lifestyle and unique culture. It offers visitors a diverse experience: travelers can visit manor houses and castles in the south, ski in the north, island-hop in the west and dog sled in the east. Scandinavia is a place for everyone!