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Kauai, Hawaii’s oldest island, open to the public, boasts more beaches per mile, the most botanical gardens, the wettest patch of jungle in the world and many other features that set it apart from its gorgeous, famous neighbors. It stands out as the vacation destination of choice, blending the enchantment of ancient Hawaii with all modern conveniences. Kayak on the same river where Indiana Jones escaped, or windsurf with playful spinner dolphins swimming at your side. Enjoy a whale watching expedition, or explore exquisite waterfalls on a scenic helicopter tour, or from a zodiac craft. Sport fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are all popular in the pristine waters off the incomparable coasts. Horseback riding offers breathtaking vistas from the mountains to the beaches.

As islands go, Kauai is not especially large. But the ramparts of its northwest coastline are so huge and so magnificent that even seasoned visitors continue to be in awe of their scale and beauty. Rivaling any coastline in the world for grandeur, Kauai’s Napali Coast is a rugged 17-mile stretch of sheer 3,000-foot cliffs (napali means “the cliffs”), lush green valleys, free-flowing waterfalls and secret sea caves. Rich in legends and myths and protected as Hawaii’s last true wilderness where no road or car will likely ever lead, the Napali Coast can only be seen by foot, air or sea, from which visitors can experience some of the most memorable scenery on earth.