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The capital of Spain since 1562, Madrid is located on the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula. Because of its central location and high altitude, the climate of Madrid is characterized by warm dry summers and cool winters. Madrid is a city of great monuments. Among its highlights are the medieval center dating back to the Habsburg Empire and the Prado Museum. Madrid is not just a cultural destination. It is also a lively metropolis with many pubs, cafes, discotheques and nightclubs open late into the night.

The administrative and financial center of Spain pulsates with activity, but it wasn't until the mid-16th century that Madrid became home to Hispanic kings, the royal court, and consequentially, was titled “capital”. Any Madrileño will tell you about the city's turbulent and eventful past – they will also tell you there is nowhere else they would rather live. Madrid will have you captivated and very likely, coming back for more.