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Vienna, Austria

There is no other place in the world where imperial splendor and a hip modern lifestyle are combined with such ease and elegance as in Vienna. The city of “bon viveurs” seduces visitors with an intriguing blend of old and new in all areas of city life. Viennese top chefs have adapted traditional recipes to modern standards and now serve “New Austrian Cuisine” in stylish restaurants. The city’s museums such as the Albertina and the Liechtenstein Museum are showcasing centuries of art history in newly renovated and sophisticated surroundings. And modern architectural highlights, such as the “Haas Haus” which reflects the image of venerable St. Stephen’s Cathedral in its mirrored façade, blend in smoothly with the historic cityscape.

Vienna is truly a city where arts and enjoyments are an integral part of life. The historical centre of the Danube metropolis and Schönbrunn Palace have both been recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritages, which makes it easy for you to decide which sights to choose on your first visit to Vienna.