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The Bahamas is a country of 700 different islands and cays, stretching southeast off the Florida coast. Visitors won't find more interesting islands. The islands differ physically: pine forests, white sandy beaches, limestone caves, lush plantations, bonefishing flats and the world's third largest barrier reef. They differ historically: Indigenous Arawak Indians, Seminole Indians from Florida, Eleutheran Adventurers from England, post-Revolutionary planters from Carolina and pirates all settled here. Even Columbus paid a visit in 1492. Because each island retains its individual character, each has something unique and unexpected to contribute to an island vacation. There are islands so secluded, only the lighthouse keeper has a telephone. Islands with everything from casino to golf course. Islands for the country-club set, where tennis overlooks mile-long beaches. Islands bustling with colonial charm. Islands for frogman and islands for fisherman. Even islands have islands- a Sunfish sail from nearly any beach can become a voyage of discovery.