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The Caribbean appeals to most travelers because of its diverse and beautiful landscape and culture. Whether you want to explore ancient ruins, transverse through the jungle, or dip your feet in the ocean from sunrise to sunset, the Caribbean can accommodate.

Beachgoers will enjoy the pristine white sand that stretches for miles as well as some of the bluest water in the world. Just about anywhere near the water, there are places to surf, kayak, fish, snorkel, or enjoy an array of water activities. Relax on the beach with an umbrella in your drink or cuddle up on the sand and enjoy the view. Find some of the bluest waters on the coast of Turks and Caicos, Aruba, and the Dominican Republic, just to name a few.

More adventurous types should head to the islands with more rugged landscapes and rain forests. Saint Lucia and Saint Croix are both gorgeous places that are starting to appeal to more visitors because of their lush forests and gorgeous terrain. Visitors can take rainforest excursions and wildlife watches, and then head down to the dark sand beaches for the rest of the day. Honeymooners are becoming increasingly interested in places like these because they have yet to become major tourist destinations, so the beaches and terrain are unspoiled.

The Caribbean Islands aren’t just miles of sand and beaches. Each island comes alive with its unique culture and heritage. Grenada is known for its spices and is the largest exporter of nutmeg, Jamaica is known for its great music and dance forms, and Costa Maya is most famous for its Chacchoben ruins. It’s almost guaranteed that no matter which Caribbean place you visit, the food will be phenomenal and unique to the culture. Popular dishes of the islands are dependent on the major crops that are grown, but staples include rice, eggs and fruit.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, whether an adventurer or beach bum, culture buff or activity enthusiast, it is certain that you will find what you are looking for on one of the 700 islands that make up the Caribbean.