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Cruises to Asia Offer Endless Possibilities

Asian Cruises Combine Mainstream Ambiance With Exotic Exploration

Planning a getaway? Looking for something different? Cruises to Asia offer endless possibilities for an exciting vacation that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Asia is becoming a very popular vacation destination. There’s something for everyone in this region. For beach lovers, Southeast Asia offers white sand beaches and pristine water. History lovers can explore the Great Wall of China or Himeji Castle in Japan. Explore bustling cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Singapore where ancient customs and modern amenities collide - much to the pleasure of travelers seeking an authentic, yet comfortable, experience. Travel to the countryside and take in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes while exploring some of the natural wonders of Asia such as fire-spewing volcanoes, gargantuan mountains, and spectacular waterfalls. Wander one of the countless marketplaces, picking up fantastic deals on unique, locally-made goods. Savor mouthwatering, authentic Asian cuisine and unique dishes the likes of which you’ve never tasted before.

Cruises to Asia can be as short as four days or as long as three weeks, so there’s a vacation option for everyone, no matter what your budget or how much travel time you have. Cruises typically depart from major cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Beijing, Bangkok, and Bombay. Since many international travelers will require a long flight to reach their port city, it is wise to arrive a few days ahead of time to allow for a little rest before boarding for your cruise.

Exploring Asia does present challenges - the continent is enormous, the culture is distinctly different from that which most travelers are accustomed to, and the citizens of each nation speak exotic languages which many Americans and Europeans are unfamiliar with. These challenges make an Asia cruise a fantastic way for travelers to enjoy Asian destinations, blending mainstream on-board ambiance with offshore explorations of exotic lands.

Asian cruises offer travelers a wonderful blend of vacation options, combining ancient traditions, exotic cultures, and breathtaking scenery in one trip. Book a cruise to Asia and explore this exotic and beautiful land for yourself.