Viking Longship Odin

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Discover the Cities of Light

Discover the romance of Paris and Prague and all the quaint small towns in between on this journey, including nights in Paris and Prague and a scenic river cruise along the Moselle, Rhine and Main Rivers. Take in the picturesque landscape of vineyard-clad hillsides as you cruise through Germany and sample fine wines of the region.


Norse Heritage

Father of the Norse gods, Odin is the god of wisdom and is associated with magic and prophecy. He also brings victory in battle. Odin is often pictured with long grey hair and beard, cloak and floppy hat to disguise himself as he travels among ordinary people. He seeks his knowledge far and wide, even trading an eye for a drink at the giant Mimir’s well of wisdom. He once hanged himself for nine nights from the World Tree, Yggdrasiil, to gain knowledge of the power of the runes. He carries with him a powerful spear, Gungnir, which never misses its target, and the magic ring, Draupnir. Another version of his name is Woden, from which the day Wednesday originates.


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Viking is the way to see Europe

| France, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic
Loved this trip. Wonderful, interesting sights. Great guides. Ready to book another Viking adventure!