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The beauties of the Danube

The alpine beauty of Bavaria and Austria takes your Danube river journey to new heights. Visit the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle and Salzburg’s Old Town. Then sail the Danube past villages, vineyards and the Wachau Valley to the cultural capitals of Vienna and Budapest.


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Danube Waltz Cruise

| Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Linz, Passau
The ship was very clean and the staff were excellent and very friendly. There were excellent activities at night and the included tours and extra tours we took were excellent; especially the local guides. This cruise only gives you a taste of the various locations.

Viking Legend

| Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany
perhaps best river cruise of 3.

Excellent River Cruise

| Danube River cruise
For people whose looking for a comfortable and relax cruise, the river cruise is where you would like to be. Viking did a good job. We really enjoyed the entire cruise, the staff's friendliness, courteousness, made us feel at home. We will surely take Viking for our next cruise. T

July 8th Danube River

| Budapest to Passau
First river cruise for us, this will be hard to top! Great food on board, busy days walking, and many sights to see. Fun traveling companions that we met on board and shared stories with. Highly recommend this way of seeing many cities and cultures along the river. Wished it could have been longer...

Wonderful Trip

| Passau, Vienna, Melk, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague
We enjoyed this Viking cruise very much!

Danube Cruise

| Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Melk, Linz, & Passau
FYI: One of the lecturers on the cruise ship stated that if he was a travel agent that he would inform his clients that the best cruise months on the Danube would be April or October. Not only is the air travel cost less, but most importantly you will avoid the masses of travelers in the port cities. He stated that this has become a problem in the summer months. While there were six cruise ships in Passau during our visit, he informed us that there would be up to 25 on a given day in the summer.

Danube Waltz - not for the (very) young!

| Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, cursing the Wachau river valley, Melk, Linz (Cesky Krumlow), Passau
Overall, a lovely cruise, but not for anyone looking for nightlife. I knew it was an older crowd, but I expected folks to be in the Lounge after 11 pm! Getting up every morning at 7:30 am isn't really my cup of tea either, so maybe the problem was me, not the cruise. The only other complaint was the sound of the drain in our Main (bottom) deck bathroom - it sounded like a jet engine while draining. I suppose if you're 75 and hard of hearing it won't bother you, but I wouldn't have tolerated it while my husband was showering without my white noise machine. For the good, there was a lot - the food was incredible, the staff is amazing, the itinerary was good (though maybe a tad strenuous? 5 countries in 7 days is a workout!), the included excursions were very good (just too early! maybe offer a morning and afternoon excursion?), and the ship was in very good condition. The amenities were nice (Freya) and the towels were lovely (big and fluffy). The QuietVox system they use on the excursions were pretty good, although there seemed to be a lot of background humming (feedback?) when the guides used their headsets (though I felt bad when they had to hold up their unit and speak into it along with holding up the group sign as well!). The cabin was small, but we expected it, and there was plenty of room for all of our stuff. The ship never seemed crowded with only 180 passengers onboard. Our cabin steward, Sasha, was great as were our favorite waiters, Javon and Renee, maitre d' George was very attentive, cruise director David was lovely and personable, musician and singer George was very entertaining. We enjoyed it enough to buy future cruise credit coupons, but it will probably be another year before we will do another river cruise (where I am scheduled for 3-4 ocean cruises already).