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Enjoy the Cultures of Russia

Enjoy the great cities Moscow and St. Petersburg, and quaint Golden Ring towns like Yaroslavl and Uglich. Spend several days touring the cities’ important landmarks: Moscow’s Kremlin, Red Square, St. Petersburg’s Catherine Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress and the Hermitage, and also discover the history and culture of Russia’s heartland.


Norse Heritage

Son of Rurik, Ingvar was born around 875 AD and was only a child when his father died. Rulership of the vast lands of Rus fell to Helgi, the boy’s uncle who raised Ingvar as his own. Thirty years later, Ingvar succeeded Helgi as Grand Prince of Kiev and took control of the ever-expanding empire. He also ruled for around 30 years and carried the conquests of Kievan Rus further, forging east and undertaking campaigns against Persia, Constantinople and Bulgaria. Married, with a son of his own, Ingvar died around 945 AD. The Vikings were at the height of their power during this period, venturing across the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Their voyages east led to the creation of an empire that rivalled that of the Byzantine.


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Viking Ingvar -Russia

| St. Petersburg, Mandrogy, Ulrich, Kizhi, Yaroslavl, Moscow
Carpeting needs to be replaced throughout the whole ship. It is very stained. We were not impressed with all the tour guides. Considering the cost of the trip the vodka tasting should have been included. It should be specified that the Ballet is performed by students not professional dancers. The music in the Sky Bar is much too loud for the size of the area