It’s your cruise, so it’s only fitting that we’d tailor the experience to your unique interests—whatever they may be.


THE FOODIE - Eat your way across Europe with food and wine tours, pub-crawls, visits to cider farms and more. First we eat, then we do everything else.

THE CULTURE BUFF - For you, travel is about discovering the soul of the city, delving into its culture and having a spirited conversation with a friendly local. If museums, architecture and art are kind of your thing, you’re in the right place.

THE ADVENTURER - Adventure is your middle name (your parents nailed that one). If bike excursions, kayak trips, bridge jumping, rock climbing and white water rafting sound enticing, then U is for you.

THE ROMANTIC - U’s 8-day itineraries are the perfect length to celebrate something special—an engagement, anniversary, honeymoon, babymoon or any other kind of moon. Europe is for lovers, like you and that special someone.

THE SOLO FLYER - Some swear by traveling solo, and we hear you—your pace, your interests, your call. With a ship of other like-minded explorers, you can keep to yourself when you’d like, but also meet and mingle with others onboard. It’s the best of both worlds.

THE EXPLORER - You believe that getting lost is never a waste of time. U is for the explorers, the discoverers, and those who like to head out in a new city with a smartphone, good friends and no plan in mind.

THE NIGHT OWL - Stay up. Sleep in. Late stays in port allow plenty of time to see a show, hit the clubs or visit a historically significant bar. And with later start times to excursions the next day, you don’t even havet to worry about setting your alarm clock. Especially if you’re still up from the night before.

U by Uniworld