To travel is to eat, and you will eat well on your cruise with U. Culture is often experienced through taste, and with that in mind, many of your onboard meals will be inspired by the local fare of the cities you’ll visit, made from ingredients that were sourced just miles down the road. Hungry for something a little closer to home? You’ll have classic options, comfort food choices and plenty of vegan, vegetarian and various healthy dining choices as well. And if you have any special dietary needs, our chef’s would be happy to accommodate. It’s all about you, remember?



  • ONBOARD DINING - When onboard, you’ll have two meals a day included, based on the daily schedule. You can anticipate a creative modern dining experience, with many organic, vegetarian and healthy culinary options. But if you’re craving a slightly less healthy juicy burger with bacon jam, goat cheese and a fresh side of fries, we’ve got you covered. Our master chefs aim to bring a taste of your destinations onboard, using locally sourced ingredients. Local street food, like German Käsekreiner, will be served whenever possible. Fresh, flavorful and made just for U. That’s how we do it.

  • FOODIE FAVORITES - Build your own pizza with fresh local toppings. Homemade granola with fresh-pressed juices. Street food-inspired Currywurst in Germany. Sucklin pig pickin' bucket. Comfort food from celebrity cookbook author Bea Tollman.

  • WHY LIMIT TO AN HOUR? - All of the water, tea and coffee you can drink is included. Are you feeling it? And if that isn’t enough, you can hit one of two onboard bars for a local craft beer, glass of wine, or your favorite cocktail or specialty coffee. Sip, sip, no worries.

  • EAT LIKE A LOCAL - With our VizEat partnership, you can taste the city and share a meal in the home of a U Host. It’s authentic home cooking meets immersive travel.
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