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With a proven skill for navigating the waterways of the Galapagos Islands, Silversea’s Silver Galapagos cruise ship enables you to explore one of the most isolated and fascinating places in the world. If you’re a traveler interested in seeing a variety of exotic wildlife species that can’t be seen anywhere else on earth, a cruise on the Silver Galapagos is the choice for you. Because the islands are inaccessible to most, nature has developed in interesting ways that you have to see to believe. Experience it all with complimentary exploration activities including nature hikes, snorkeling, kayaking, and more all led by Silversea Cruises’ experienced guides aboard the Silver Galapagos.

Hosting only 100 guests, the Silver Galapagos promises to be a highly intimate cruising experience. A high crew-to-guest ratio ensures the highly personalized service Silversea is known for. When it’s time to unwind after a day exploring, you can retire to one of Silversea’s luxurious suites. Spend your nights in the Explorer Suite, with amenities including a marbled bathroom, large wardrobe or walk-in closet, mini-bar with snacks and drinks, and a flat screen TV. Should you opt to spend your nights in the Silver Suite, you’ll have all of these features, as well as your own private balcony from which to enjoy the beautiful sights of the ocean.

When the time comes for a fine meal or a quality cocktail, the dining options available to guests on Silver Galapagos are certain to delight. The outdoor bar at The Grill is a popular place for guests to gather for cocktails and tapas, fresh-from-the-oven pizza, and some grilled favorites. At The Restaurant, you can choose from a wide range of international selections designed to accommodate the palate of every guest. Additionally, the chefs prepare a choice of Ecuadorean specialties to enrich your culinary journey. The Silver Galapagos also features a variety of different onboard activities to ensure you have the most amazing experience imaginable.

Silversea’s cruises in the Galapagos Islands offer adventurous travelers the once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover a wild, pristine paradise that has long been regarded as a natural laboratory of evolution. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy up-close encounters with an abundance of Galapagos wildlife, including sun-basking land iguanas, giant tortoises, colorful marine iguanas, sea lions, penguins, and Darwin's famous finches. If all this appeals to you, you should book a cruise special with All-Travel today!


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See the Galápagos Islands in luxury

| Quito and Gal
Great ship for cruising the Galapagos Islands. One of the largest ships allowed (100 passengers). Outstanding food. Experienced guides. Friendly crew. Excellent level of service. Older group of passengers (I am guessing that the average age was 65). We had the Western islands itinerary. Preferred the other itinerary when I was there 12 years ago (more wildlife). Good time of the year - warm water, warm temperatures, no rain, but humid.

The Galapagos Expedition

| Galapagos
Needed more shade for lunch outside and would be nice to have more shade with couches and chairs to relax outside.

The Galapagos

| American Cruise Lines, Historic South & Golden Isles Cruise - March 2014
Chatting with frequent Silver Seas cruiser, they also agreed the food is not up to par with the other ships in their fleet. We were told by the chef that all the food had to come from Ecuador, and only Ecuador. So the chef did the best he could with what he had. Dinner at the Grill is always dinner served at your place on a hot rock that you finish cooking, that was interesting. All breakfast and lunch is buffet, and dinner is served. The Galapagos is an exciting trip, but you have to be in good shape. Lots of climbing on rocks, and wet and dry landings. But, great fun that I would recommend to anyone able to go see the country and the animals.

Silver Seas Galapagos

| Galapagos
Our first Silver Seas expedition and it was fantastic in all respects. All aspects of the trip were well planned and staff-from initial greeting at the Quito airport to our departure at Baltra were knowledgeable, went out of their way to meet our needs even if we weren’t sure what that might be!

The Galapagos is a trip to remember

| Galapagos
The Silver Galapagos is an older ship. It is being replaced by a brand new one next year. The ship is well kept and immaculately clean. Silversea service is outstanding. The staff all knew your names in a couple of days. They were available 24/7. There is no entertainment except for a piano player but the day's activities kept you more than busy! By evening, everyone is exhausted. Loved that everything was taken care of from the moment you got off the plane throughout the trip and then for the return. The naturalists are terrific and truly knowledgeable about the flora and fauna. They still get genuinely excited to see a bird or whale and love to point it out. We were never worried about our safety. They took care to help everyone no matter what you chose to do.

Silversea Cruises - Silver Galapagos

| Galapagos
Loved snorkeling and seeing the dolphins right off the ship. I know their activities are licensed so they have limited flexibility, but would have loved more snorkeling.