For many, the romantic allure of cruising’s most legendary journey remains impossible to resist. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer, a transatlantic cruise is one of the most sophisticated ways to travel between the United States and Europe. Why hop on a plane when you can experience the golden age of cruising firsthand? Sail from a major U.S. port on an eastbound transatlantic cruise to European hotspots, or choose a westbound transatlantic cruise from Barcelona or Rome to the U.S. Regardless of the destination, there’s nothing quite as luxurious and exhilarating as a Regent Seven Seas Cruise.

Typically, transatlantic sailing is characterized by more time at sea. Although ships will visit select ports along the way, transit across the vast ocean is the main event. For this reason, it’s important to choose a cruise line that offers the best dining opportunities, on-board activities, and entertainment options. Fortunately, everything about a Regent Seven Seas Cruise exudes luxury. Whether you spend your time soaking in the sunshine by the pool, indulging in spa treatments, or hopping from restaurant to restaurant, you’ll have access to every amenity available on board, at no extra charge.

Seven Seas Explorer, Mariner, and Navigator

Depending on the exact cruise chosen, your transatlantic cruise booked through All-Travel will take you board the Seven Seas Explorer, Mariner, or Navigator. The Seven Seas Explorer is the first new Regent ship in over a decade and strikes a balance between Seven Seas’ traditional features and a more modern ambiance, while the Seven Seas Mariner is a 700-passenger luxury cruise line that appeals to travelers seeking tailored onboard experiences. Finally, cruisers on board the Seven Seas Navigator will enjoy exceptionally large suites with ocean views. Regardless of the ship, Regent Seven Seas is known for exceeding even the loftiest expectations of luxury. 

Things to Do on a Transatlantic Cruise

With Regent Seven Seas, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the natural beauty, urban lifestyle, and historical monuments of a variety of major European, South American, and African cities. Although each cruise has a different itinerary and will stop at different cities, there are several very popular port cities that are sure to delight those interested in shopping, fine dining, sight-seeing, and history. From Barcelona and Portugal to Rio de Janeiro and Miami, a transatlantic cruise with Regent Seven Seas has something to offer for everyone.

As previously mentioned, the majority of your time on a transatlantic cruise will be spend on board. Due to the sheer amount of activities, entertainment options, and restaurants, you can make your transatlantic journey as action-packed or relaxing as you please. With a number of special events, enhancements, and exclusive benefits that are always complimentary, Regent Seven Seas is the perfect choice for your transatlantic journey.

Transatlantic Cruise Tips

Although some cruise lines will add additional activities to occupy passengers on consecutive sea days, it won’t hurt to bring your own entertainment- after all, there’s only so much trivia and mini-golf one can handle before getting bored. Think about how you’d like to spend those long hours at sea, and pack accordingly. If you have an iPad or Kindle, load up a few books. If you prefer to knit or crochet, bring along the supplies you’ll need. When packing, don’t forget warm and cold-weather necessities, as the Atlantic weather can be unpredictable.

If you or your traveling companion are prone to seasickness, visit a doctor in the weeks leading up to your trip for prescription medication. While many ships will have Dramamine on hand, the choppy seas could make prescription-level protection a requirement. Finally, know the timing of the direction you choose. If you cruise westward, you’ll wind up with a handful of 25-hour days due to the time changes. Similarly, if you’re heading east you’ll get cheated of an hour here and there. Regardless, you’ll enjoy this benefit: there’s no jet lag on an Atlantic crossing!

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