With an exotic aura that attracts history buffs and adventure seekers alike, a Middle Eastern cruise is the perfect way to expand your cultural horizons. On a Regent Seven Seas Cruise through the Middle East, you’ll discover ancient and modern cultures and experience some of the world’s most impressive architectural sites firsthand. Sometimes referred to as Holy Land cruises, plenty of the shore excursions on a Middle East cruise include day-trips to world-famous Jewish, Christian, and Islamic historic sites.

With a Regent Seven Seas Cruise, you won’t have to worry about booking a car rental or finding a hotel - transportation, food, drink, and lodging are encompassed in an all-inclusive Regent Seven Seas Middle Eastern cruise, so you can plan less and dream more. From the iconic pyramids of Egypt to the urban skyscrapers of Dubai, nowhere else in the world does history and modern culture collide so seamlessly. Book a Regent Seven Seas Middle Eastern cruise today and be prepared to visit one of the most fascinating areas on earth.

Seven Seas Navigator & Voyager

Depending on the exact cruise chosen, your Middle Eastern cruise booked through All-Travel will take you on board the Seven Seas Navigator or Voyager. Each of the 490 guests on board the Seven Seas Navigator will enjoy an unusual level of luxury and some of the highest space and service ratios available at sea. Similarly, the Seven Seas Voyager exceeds even the loftiest expectations for luxury and, with 447 international crew members attending to a maximum of 700 guests, excellent personal service is virtually guaranteed. . Regardless of the cruise line, Regent Seven Seas is known for exceeding even the loftiest expectations of luxury. 

Things to Do in the Middle East

Offering a mix of traditional Eastern cultures and modern Western influences, there’s plenty to experience in the Middle East. Those who enjoy architectural wonders will appreciate the rose-red city of Petra, as many of its buildings are carved into a solid cliff face. And no vacation to the Middle East is complete without a trip to the world-famous pyramids- not only is the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza the largest Egyptian pyramid, but it’s also the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that’s still in existence.

The Middle East offers much more than history, though. The area boasts some of the most modern cities in the world, and a trip to Dubai will leave you speechless. While in Dubai, head to the ultra-modern Burj Khalifa and take an elevator ride up the world’s tallest building. Closer to the desert floor you’ll experience decadent malls, theme parks, and some of the swankiest hotels in the world. Finally, the cuisine is impeccable- lamb, olives, dates, hummus, and kebabs make up the bulk of a Middle Eastern diet, and you won’t be disappointed.

Middle Eastern Cruise Tips

Although this region is usually very hot, especially between May and October, Western casual wear is typically looked down upon. If you’re thinking about packing tank tops or shorts, reconsider. Women will want to pack long-sleeved tops, slacks that cover their ankles, and scarves that can serve as head coverings in case they head into a mosque. Men, on the other hand, can wear whatever they want. Sandals are okay for either gender, and two-piece bathing suits should be avoided at public beaches.

If you take prescription medication, be sure to bring a copy of your doctor’s prescription with you, as many common prescriptions, including some antidepressants or medications with codeine, are illegal in the United Arab Emirates. Although exceedingly rare, pirate attacks against ships have taken place in the past- follow your cruise ship’s protocol for these emergency situations. Finally, avoid photographing Muslim women in their traditional garb, as it’s considered highly inappropriate and can get you in trouble with the local police. 

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