With numerous opportunities to participate in culture, gastronomy, and history, Europe is the perfect destination for virtually any traveler. From world-renowned castles to picturesque cobblestone streets, the most difficult part about planning a trip to Europe is narrowing down what you'd like to see. Fortunately, with an all-inclusive Northern Europe and Baltic cruise, you won't have to pick and choose only a handful of cities or towns.

With overnights in St. Petersburg and stops in Iceland and Norway, among others, a Regent Seven Seas cruise is sure to delight seasoned cruisers and first-timers alike. Depending on the specific European cruise chosen, you can discover Skagen on foot, enjoy countryside fishing and a pleasant lunch in Estonia, or whale watch in Greenland. For more information on which shore excursions are offered on a particular cruise, please reference the specific itinerary of that cruise or contact an All-Travel travel agent for more information.

Seven Seas Mariner, Navigator & Voyager

Depending on the exact cruise chosen, your African cruise booked through All-Travel will take you on board the Seven Seas Mariner, Navigator, or Voyager. The Seven Seas Mariner, which was fully refurbished in 2014, is a 700-passenger luxury cruise line that appeals to travelers seeking tailored onboard experiences, while cruisers on board the Seven Seas Navigator will enjoy large suites with ocean views, the majority with private balconies. Finally, those on board the Seven Seas Voyager will enjoy plentiful amenities, four main dining venues, and indulgent personal service throughout. Regardless of the cruise line, Regent Seven Seas is known for exceeding even the loftiest expectations for luxury.

Things to Do in Northern Europe

Northern Europe and the Baltics are a destination filled with tradition, customs, and rich historical attractions. Historically-inclined cruisers will be captivated by quaint, historical villages, while active explorers will enjoy hikes through beautiful valleys and meadows. Whether it's an exciting night at the Ice Bar in Copenhagen or learning about the Soviet Navy while at port in Tallinn, Estonia, there's enough history, nightlife, art, and architecture in Northern Europe and the Baltics to satiate anyone's interests

Although each cruise ship has a different itinerary and will stop at different cities, there are several popular port cities in Europe which virtually every ship makes a stop at, including Copenhagen, Oslo, and St. Petersburg. From the ornate palaces of Scandinavia to the medieval towns of the Baltic, you'll gain access to the natural beauty and unique culture of Northern Europe and the Baltic throughout your cruise. Sail with us and you'll discover the highlights and subtle charms of the historic shores of the region.

European Cruise Tips

The prime Northern Europe and Baltic cruising season was once limited to July and August, but many voyages now begin in May and run through September, with a select few being offered year round. Temperatures may be a bit cooler towards the beginning and end of the cruising season, but you'll avoid thick summer crowds and higher prices. The month of June is one of the best times to visit Russia, as St. Petersburg celebrates "White Nights", or near-endless daylight.

Currency can be an issue on a cruise through Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, as you could be dealing with the British pound, the Danish kroner, the Russian ruble, the Norwegian krone, and the euro. To avoid the hassle of constantly exchanging currency, use a pre-loaded debit card or a credit card without international fees instead. Bring sensible shoes and thick socks, as cobblestoned streets are common throughout Europe. Finally, bring layers for the weather, as the temperatures can be highly varied even in the prime summer months.

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