Swaying palm trees, tropical breezes, crystal clear water- the allure of the tropics is undeniable. Whether you prefer the thrill of parasailing or taking in the sunset on a beautiful beach, Regent Seven Seas offers the perfect all-inclusive Caribbean cruise vacation for everyone. With an opportunity to enjoy picturesque, beachside sunsets and the sights and smells of delightful fresh-air markets, a Regent Seven Seas Caribbean cruise is the perfect way to experience everything the tropics has to offer in one convenient cruise package.

With a Regent Seven Seas Cruise, you won’t have to worry about booking a car rental or finding a hotel - transportation, food, drink, and lodging are encompassed in an all-inclusive Regent Seven Seas Caribbean cruise, so you can plan less and dream more. Lounge at some of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing beaches, explore tiny villages for unique keepsakes, or enjoy refreshing cocktails and seafood fare at one of the many seaside restaurants that line the water. While on board, cruisers will have access to fine dining, state-of-the-art amenities, and nightly entertainment.

Seven Seas Explorer, Mariner, & Navigator

Depending on the exact cruise chosen, your Caribbean cruise booked through All-Travel will take you on board the Seven Seas Explorer, Mariner, or Navigator. With a July 2016 maiden voyage, the Seven Seas Explorer is Regent’s newest ship, and includes free WiFi and unlimited premium fine wines and champagnes. The Seven Seas Mariner was fully refurbished in 2014 and is a 700-passenger cruise line that appeals to travelers seeking tailored onboard experiences, while cruisers on board the Seven Seas Navigator will enjoy large suites with ocean views, the majority with private balconies. Regardless of the cruise line, Regent Seven Seas is known for exceeding even the loftiest expectations of luxury. 

Things to Do in the Caribbean

With a variety of Caribbean excursion choices, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of one of the world’s premiere tropical destinations. If you’ve always dreamed about underwater exploration, you’ll have the opportunity to discover Aruba’s beautiful underwater world, all under the guidance of a professional scuba diving instructor. Another great choice for those interested in connecting with nature is a nature hike or exhilarating submarine adventure in the Bahamas or Barbados.

Although each ship will stop in different port cities, passengers onboard a Caribbean cruise will likely have hundreds of offshore excursions available to them - simply pick and choose the activities that interest you the most. Whether you prefer guided tours, solo exploration, nature hikes, or visits to local history museums, you can easily plan your own excursions at each stop along the way. No matter your interests, there’s something in the Caribbean that’s sure to entertain.

Caribbean Cruise Tips

When it comes to cruising the Caribbean, there are a few things to keep in mind. While the weather is relatively sunny and warm year round, don’t get careless when packing- bring rain gear and warmer layers in case you run into a storm. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, as a bad sunburn can easily ruin your cruise. Many Western Caribbean ports are known for their snorkeling, scuba diving, and water sports. If you plan to partake and have your own gear, throw it in your suitcase- you’ll save money and will always have the gear handy, just in case.

Always be mindful of your surroundings- just because you’re in the Caribbean doesn’t mean you should leave your wits at home. Crime can be an issue, even in heavily touristed ports, so keep an eye on your wallets and don’t leave your valuables unguarded at the beach. Finally, be flexible; you’ll likely never experience a hurricane, but some port stops may be switched at the last minute due to sudden changes in weather.

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