Located between the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia is extraordinarily diverse in terms of its geography, wildlife, and climates. With deserts, mountains, and rainforests conveniently contained within one country, an Australian Regent Seven Seas Cruise is the perfect way for travelers to explore everything the continent has to offer. Famous for its dynamic cities, beautiful beaches, and unique outback experience, Australia is the perfect destination for seasoned cruisers and first-timers alike.

With a number of luxurious ships sailing to this dynamic region, you’ll find endless possibilities for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. With so many land excursions and activities to choose from, your unforgettable land and sea vacation will take you to some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, the grandiose Ayers Rock, and the exotic wildlife in the world-renowned Australian Outback. For those more interested in urban environments, cruisers will enjoy their days spent in Sydney and Melbourne.

Seven Seas Navigator & Voyager

Depending on the exact cruise chosen, your Australian cruise booked through All-Travel will take you on board the Seven Seas Navigator or Voyager. Each of the 490 guests on board the Seven Seas Navigator will enjoy an unusual level of luxury and some of the highest space and service ratios available at sea. Similarly, the Seven Seas Voyager exceeds even the loftiest expectations for luxury and, with 447 international crew members attending to a maximum of 700 guests, excellent personal service is virtually guaranteed.

Things to Do in Australia

Miles upon miles of pristine beaches and an amazing assortment of wildlife make Australia the perfect place to explore and unwind. Relax beachside with a drink in hand, or take in a beautiful sunset while dining at one of Australia’s many five-star restaurants. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef or a day spent exploring the Outback, while history buffs will have the option to learn about the fascinating cultures, histories, and artwork of the Aborigines of Australia.

Although each cruise has a different itinerary and will stop at different cities, there are several popular Australian port cities which virtually every ship makes a stop at, including Sydney and Melbourne. Passengers on board any Australian cruise will likely have hundreds of offshore excursions available to them. Whether you prefer adventurous hikes through uninhabited territories or experiencing Australia’s gastronomy and culture first-hand, you can easily plan your own excursions at stops along the way. With cruises that range from three weeks to four months in length, you can explore as much or as little of Australia as your schedule allows.

Australian Cruise Tips

Australia is such a vast and multi-faceted land that a land-based stay either before or after your cruise is highly recommended. If your cruise doesn’t make a stop at the Outback, or does so for only a short amount of time, plan a longer stay in the Outback either before or after your cruise – you won’t regret the experience, as it truly is a different world you’ve likely never experienced.

Visitors from the United States and Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), which can be applied for online. An ETA will allow you to visit the country as many times as you wish for up to 12 months, and stay for up to three months each visit. Note: if your cruise is less than 30 days and leaves from and returns to Australia, you’re considered a “round tripper”, which means that for immigration purposes you haven’t left the country. For more information about visas and ETAs, visit the Australian Government’s Visa Wizard website. 

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