Le Ponant Icebreaker

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  • The world's first luxury icebreaker cruise ship, Le Ponant Icebreaker

    Reach the Geographic North Pole, complete an Arctic Ocean crossing, discover Greenland’s extreme North East, or probe the icy wilderness of Antarctica…beginning in 2021, PONANT will be taking passengers in the footsteps of the great polar explorers aboard the newest addition to the fleet. With a refined onboard ambiance and luxury services—never before available in the far extremes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres—with this new vessel PONANT provides more than just conventional cruises, but true polar odyssey expeditions.

    The first ever PC2 Polar Class luxury cruise ship, this hybrid electric icebreaker is powered by Liquified Natural Gas—cutting edge technology that makes PONANT a pioneer in environmental protection.


    The Icebreaker features Perfected “Clean Ship” fittings that go beyond the current industry-standard environmental regulations:

    • Reduction of SO2, NOX, CO2 and particle emissions thanks to the use of LNG
    • Zero emissions when in electric hybrid mode
    • Use of advanced diesel engine technology
    • Compliance with new IMO (International Maritime Organization) 2020 regulation on Sulphur emission levels
    • Compliance with ECA requirements (Emission Control Area)


    Energy management

    • Energy optimization system that precisely measures consumptions and optimization of ship sailing methods
    • Waste Heat Recovery System
    • Electric output optimized and consumption reduced through the use of latest generation electric batteries


    Water treatment

    • Advanced Waste Water Treatment system


    The PC2 Polar Class hull of the PONANT Icebreaker was designed with Aker Arctic to combine forward sailing modes through compact ice and reverse sailing in extreme ice conditions, thank to the Double Action principle (Aker Arctic DAS™). With its innovative design, the PONANT Icebreaker offers unrivalled ice performances compared with classic icebreakers.



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