Midnight sun

The sun never takes a break here in northern Norway - a land where the light never fails to inspire. The country has always been known as “the Land of the Midnight Sun”, but even this cannot convey the enduring beauty to be found here in “the Land of Light and Darkness”. Join Hurtigruten voyages in summer to experience this amazing sight for yourself. 

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon which occurs in arctic regions in particular. The phenomenon is caused by electrically charged solar particles, high in energy, entering the earth’s atmosphere. This usually occurs in an area around the Arctic Circle (67˚ N).Within this area, the Northern Lights may be seen almost every night, but are seen less and less as you travel south. The phenomena are not visible when it is cloudy. Join Hurtigruten voyages in winter to experience this amazing spectacle.

Norwegian Fjords

Geiranger - The fjord reaches more than 100 km from Ålesund to Geiranger. (Norway’s longest fjord is Sognefjorden, 204 km long.) The first stretch is typified by lively small towns and villages. On the fjord’s north bank, Sula (7500 inhabitants) has refused amalgamation with Ålesund and is full of energy and initiative.

Trollfjord - Troll Fjord is 2 km long and only 100 m wide at its mouth on the west side of Raftsundet. To the south, the peak of Trolltindan soars 1,045-1,084 m above sea level, and its sheer sides pose a permanent threat of rock falls. To the north is Blåfjellet, rising 998 m above sea level. To the west and 162 m above sea level is the lake of Trollfjordvatnet, fills with chunks of ice even during the summer. This is the closest the Coastal Express can get to the Norwegian trolls. Don’t worry, the captain knows the way out. He also knows that the trolls sleep for 1,000 years after their midday nap and before they start throwing stones at the ship.

Hjørundfjord - For the first time in 20 years, Hurtigruten has extended their timetable along the Norwegian coast. A new stop on the timetable of the ‘most beautiful voyage in the world’ is the Hjørundfjord. At 35km in length, Hjørundfjord is one of the longest fjords in Norway cutting deep into the lush alpine mountains. Hjørundfjord is distinguished from more popular fjords by its seclusion and omission from all other tourist routes. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle, and travel past steep rock walls, green meadows, isolated mountain farms and small rural communities.

Explorer Excursions

Hurtigruten is pleased to offer you activities that complement the existing shore excursion programme. The number of participants is limited to the following activities and participating guests should have good physical fitness. As the activities offered are heavily dependent on external conditions, their implementation cannot be guaranteed in advance. The available travel activities are listed in the daily programme and are only bookable on board.

Kayaking - Join Hurtigruten's experienced guides to be the exclusive few to explore one of the three polar regions by kayak. You will not believe how different the world looks at water level. One of the most beautiful things about kayaking is that it is so quiet. Instead of the noise and smell from a 4 stroke engine, there is just the sound of ice cracking and gentle paddle strokes. You will be able to get within touching distance to small ice floes and venture in between them as you glide seamlessly through the water by your own paddles.

Hiking - Over the years the Expedition Team of MS Fram have accumulated a collection of hikes around the world that is unrivaled. With the careful guidance of very experienced staff members Hurtigruten can bring you to the most stunning and untouched places and pristine areas that not many people have seen before. The hikes are all very different in character, but they have one thing in common: they call for the desire to go beyond the ordinary as well as a fair amount of physical fitness.

Artic Sky and Ice - Stay a night on deck and enjoy the magnificent view of the landscape coloured by the soft rays of the midnight sun. See Greenland at midsummer, meaning it is 24 hours daylight. During the voyage we will enter areas that are rich in floating icebergs. There is nothing quite like experiencing the sun shining on the ice bergs at night and there is no better place to be than outside on deck. If your chosen itinerary is the September voyages to North East Greenland you will experience the colourful sunset, and stay a night under the stars and if luck strikes us you might even experience the Northern lights. You will be supplied with an outdoor package which includes a nice and warm sleeping bag and a comfortable sunbed. You will be served a "welcome outside-drink“. Hot chocolate will be available the whole night and for those who stay until 06:00, fresh pastry and coffee is served as a pre-breakfast outside on deck

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