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Onboard Experience

The Crystal ships are a wealth of worldly temptations, which take on a whole new intensity in the majestic surroundings of a cruise.

The sheltered spaces of the ship hold countless other pleasures. The chic boutiques of the 3,000 square-foot Avenue of the Stars shopping arcade feature designer jewelry, the latest European fashions, and fine collectibles from around the world. Spend a quiet hour in the 2,000-title library, or play a sociable hand of bridge in the Bridge Lounge with an ACBL instructor. There's just time for ten laps in the Seashore pool and a relaxing soak in the poolside Jacuzzi®, before meeting with your expert dance instructors to polish your footwork for the night of dancing that lies ahead.

The imagination thrives on the freedom and discovery of a sea voyage, and their unparalleled enrichment programs provide nourishing food for thought. The Crystal Visions Enrichment Lecture Series assembles a cast of international stars and luminaries, who'll share fascinating insights and historic moments. The celebrated chefs and wine connoisseurs of the Crystal Wine & Food Festival offer a dazzling array of gourmet demonstrations, tastings, and Guest Chef dinners. And in the cutting-edge Computer University@Sea equipped with Compaq® computers, experts show you the limitless potential of this powerful, and fascinating, tool. Each cruise is a feast of talent, intellect and sheer enjoyment, which gives new luster to the wide world through which you sail.