Top tips to get the best deal on your next cruise

Top tips to get the best deal on your next cruise

Vacation is a constant daydream on everyone’s mind; we can bet that instead of sitting at your nine-to-five with a cup of coffee, you’d rather be lounging onboard a cruise with a piña colada.

Well, All-Travel is here to help you make that dream a reality! We want to ensure you are getting the best deals that include exclusive amenities only found with us.

Here are our top tips for getting the best bargain on your dream cruise.

Take to Social Media

The technology of the modern age gives you the leg up on cruise bargain hunting - you’re already miles ahead of those before you. Nowadays, we will post on Facebook or tweet details of major vacation discounts before they are posted anywhere else. Switching on those Twitter notifications or following us on Facebook sends cruise deals straight to your device. It’s a simple strategy, but it could get you additional perks and/or savings.

Be Spontaneous

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to drop everything and sail the seas at a moment’s notice. But if you have a flexible job schedule and a thirst for adventure, this might be the strategy for you! Sometimes prices on those hard-to-fill ships will drop days before they set sail, or they will offer additional amenities as an incentive. Keep your eyes open! You never know; you could find an amazing trip for an unbelievable price if you’re willing to be a last-minute cruiser.

Search for the Package Deals

Many of our cruise partners offer package deals for a lower price. This means you’ll be paying for a bundle of cruise, airfare, and other necessities, all in one. Travel simplified - plus, you might save a few hundred dollars and get additional amenities added! Check out these package deals our cruise partners are offering.

Summer Vacation? Too Mainstream

Summer is high cruising season - this is when families will flock to the ships, and prices will soar. If possible, go for the spring and fall months when planning your cruise. Book months in advance, when prices are lower, and choose to cruise just a little before or after the large crowds hit. Lower crowds, lower prices, more amenities and upgrades, and slightly lower temperatures all make for an unforgettable cruise experience, wherever you go.

Book in Bulk

Family reunion, anyone?

A lot of cruise lines will offer discounted rates and bonus amenities for large groups - this may even include special goodies onboard! Usually, this applies to groups with over 15 passengers. So, look out for those bulk deals and be ready to gather the extended family for endless memories at a cheap price.

Look for Special Discounts

Are you a senior citizen, or have you served in the U.S. military? Both of these things will most likely earn you a special deal with most cruise lines. Our cruise partners want to honor you and make sure you have the most comfortable, amazing experience possible with them. Along with this, if you’ve cruised with a specific cruise line a few times before, this may also get you a special discount! Check with the cruise partner you’re considering to see if they offer these special rates.

Leave it to Us

In reality, you’re probably a hard-working traveler who just doesn’t have the time to scour the internet for all the tips and discounts listed above. That's just fine - it’s where we make our appearance! All-Travel’s highly-trained, personable travel advisors will take on the job for you, finding everything from rate changes to unbeatable opportunities. We want to make sure your cruise is the perfect experience for you; all you have to do is sit back and let visions of sunny days and warm water dance through your mind.