The best time to cruise

The best time to cruise

With our extensive variety of cruise destinations across the world, there’s really no wrong time to cruise with All-Travel! However, we understand there are three main concerns that determine when and where you cruise: spending, schedules and seasons.

Timing is key; whether you’re looking to gaze at the glaciers in Alaska, soak up rays in the Caribbean islands, or wander the picturesque streets of Europe, we want to make sure you know the perfect time to travel.

The summer season seems like an obvious choice - school and work schedules are more flexible, and plus, the weather is beautiful! Still, months like May and September may prove to be cheaper, while also helping you escape summer’s high crowds.

Take a look at some of the destinations below to see which time will enhance your travel experience without enhancing the emptiness of your wallet.


Cruising the Mediterranean brings you vibrant blues, deep greens, and best of all, mouthwatering meals. If you’re the splash-in-the-ocean, get-that-perfect-tan type, the Mediterranean’s warm water beaches are perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re a history fan, Greece is home to the most rich secrets of the ancient world; step out of your daily life and into breathtaking architecture and mythology.

Like most cruises, high travel time for Mediterranean cruises is in the summer, when the weather's hot and the beaches call thousands of travelers by name. However, you’ll find that the best time to cruise the Mediterranean is in the spring and fall months. Spring in the Mediterranean will gift you views of brilliant blooms and less scorching weather; similarly, fall in the Mediterranean is clear and crisp before that winter weather hits.

Excluding holiday weeks, May-June and September-October cruises will be your best bet to avoid those busy crowds and experience the wonders of the Med within your budget.


The greatest thing about the Caribbean? This area of the globe boasts warm, tropical weather year-round, so you won’t have to worry about missing what you wish for - the sun and the sand. Crystal Cruises, for example, gives you plenty of excursions to choose from, so you can enjoy the weather while trekking through a rainforest, or enjoying a drink ocean-side.

Though, if you’re not a lover of the occasional rainy day, you may want to avoid cruising the Caribbean in its rainy season, beginning May and ending December. Hurricane season is always a reasonable concern with the Caribbean as well; look to avoid cruising from early June to late November. (However, if you’re looking at the cost, travel during the hurricane season is considerably cheaper).

If you’re looking to dip your toes in the clear blue water and white sand of Jamaica and Cuba’s beaches, try planning your trip between late December and April. If you’re seeking low crowds and high temperatures, you’ll want to dodge the holidays, where cruise ridership is at its peak.


Alaskan cruises have a different feel to them than others. When traveling to Alaska, you’re often looking to see those towering glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and deep blue waters. Because of this, Alaska’s best cruise times are June and July, where you can catch around 22 hours of sunlight and temperatures in the 60s.

Like most destinations, though, prices for a cruise trip to Alaska will most likely be lowest in May and September, the shoulder seasons. Temperatures will be a little lower, but along with the price drop, you’ll see advantages like spring flowers or fall leaves, no bugs, and maybe even the famed northern lights!


European river cruises offer the charm and historic vibe of the beautiful cities along the water. You can stroll hand in hand with your loved ones down cobblestone streets, gazing up at architecture that has been imitated across the world. However, you’ll want to be extra careful when planning your cruise through Europe’s cities so you avoid frigid temperatures, rain, and high crowds.

September and October, after summer’s crowds have dispersed and when the temperatures are pleasant and mild, are said to be the key months for cruising to Europe. That way, you’ll see lower water levels (making travel easier for the ships) and lower prices.