Shopping Excursion to Plaza Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Shopping Excursion to Plaza Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Excursion to Plaza Bavaro (Dominican Republic)

Friday morning (11/21), I awoke to pouring down rain.

The day before Kat, Dave (Kat's husband) and I decided we would like to do a little shopping, despite the rain our plans could not be changed.

While waiting in the Lobby to inquire about taxi costs we met 2 other Southern California Agents and a Club Med Rep wanting to share a ride. Our final negotiations resulted in an $84.00 round-trip fare.  Road conditions being what they are in the Dominican, each way of our journey took approximately 40 minutes.

During the ride we inquired if our Driver would wait for us or would come back. He had another commitment and would be back for us at 3:30pm. As it turned out he stayed while we shopped. He shared a little bit about the passing areas in his best English as we made our way and mentioned that he would personally be taking us to his friends store at Plaza Bavaro.

Arrival at Plaza Bavaro was for me was surprising, I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it.

A very very modest open-air mall (I think) with many little shops all selling the very same wares. Wood boxes, Clay Figurines, Jewelry, Art, T-Shirts, Rum, Cigars and Mamajuana (Dominican Viagra). Mamajuana is a glass bottle filled with local roots/herbs, honey, red wine and rum. Taste isn't too bad, cannot comment on the effectiveness. Once the liquid is depleted the bottle can be re-filled with the honey, etc. as the roots/herbs are supposed to retain their flavor/potency for 15 years.    

Our driver escorted us to his friends shop as our first stop. Upon our arrival vendors from other stores greeted us and solicited their stores, the new victims had arrived.

Just taking a moment to step into another vendor's store with a promise to come back garnered a free gift, a clay figurine (mine broke before I left Punta Cana) and free flowing Presidente Beer.

After quickly perusing a few stores and sharing my name (mistake) I decided I didn't really need or want anything. I kept looking anyway and decided a silver ring might be nice.

Larimar known as Dominican Turquoise was ever present on earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. There were many different shades, I settled on a silver ring with a somewhat large piece of Lt. Blue Larimar on a wide band, $35.00US did not seem unreasonable.  All Vendors at Plaza Bavaro are very aggressive and do not take "NO" for an answer as we experienced first hand later.

Done with shopping I sat at a table at an outdoor cafe (sounds so fancy, not really) in the center of the plaza for a Presidente with 2 other agents and Dave. Kat was finishing-up her last purchase. This is when the best example of "AGGRESSIVE" occurred: Kat was trying to have a conversation with her husband  as to the cost/style of a T-Shirt for their son when another Vendor stepped a little to far into Kat's personal space because he wanted her to come to his store.  Kat gestured to Dave and told "Mr. Pushy" that this was her Husband, the Vendor didn't seem fazed. Only after the finger waving bestowed on him by Kat did he finally understand that his approach would not garner a visit to his store by Kat or any of us for that matter. He finally walked away.

Looking back on the incident makes me laugh, thanks for the memory Plaza Bavaro!

After a bit of relaxation and another Presidente, we left in a downpour.

I'm glad I was able to leave the Village if only for a few hours.  Looking forward to a little longer stay in Punta Cana next time...

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