Richard’s Review of Cabo San Lucas

Richard’s Review of Cabo San Lucas

Grand Velas

 HOLY SMOKES!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  LUXURIOUS AND GORGEOUS and because of the location we actually got the Sunrise view right off my balcony (9th floor) over a small hill.  And because of the position I was actually able to look right at the sun as it cleared the hill without sunglasses until it was a full ball over the land.  Eventually it got too bright to keep looking but at first it was quite breathtaking.


Three pools.  The furthest out was Adults only.  All have swim up bars.  They have kids activities in the family pool.






This was my EXACT ROOM. Big Screen TV with HBO and other great channels. Safe, fully stocked Mini Fridge.  Hair dryer, Flat Iron for ladies hair.  L’Occitane products.  Jet tub, Overhead rain shower but all an adjustable height standard shower head detachable and a bench for those who might want to sit.  Basically everything you could want.



SPA and Wellness Center.  They have a full gym with independent resistance machines so you can’t cheat one side or the other.  It’s actually state of the art. The Spa itself has this whole hydro-therapy section that you can use BEFORE your treatment even begins. Different water jets and bubbles directed at parts of the body.  The jet in the middle of this picture is for your neck and shoulders.  Very effective.  Then they have the cold plunge pool and the hot tub.  It’s quite an experience.



It’s very white.  And quiet.  The rooms are very separate from each other.  It’s pretty expensive but for those discerning clients who want luxury and PRIVACY you can have it.  You can even have it so you have contact with your butler ONLY.  No other members of the staff will have any contact. They have this AMAZING headboards.  Everything is VERY artistic.




We had dinner at Arbol (Tree)  It’s an Asian/Indian Fusion Restaurant.  Quite Excellent. 

We did a Sail & Snorkel tour on a beautiful Sailboat.  All Inclusive/Full Bar.   On the way back we tried the sail but not enough wind.  L  They did let me steer the boat.  Hey I’m a Navy man….. what else would you expect.


One & Only Pamillia   

HUGE PROPERTY.  You need a cart to get around unless you like walking. 






Lots of Ocean Front / Ocean Front View…. Just means there’s another building in front of you but not obstructing your view.

I can see why Jennifer Aniston stays here.  It’s extremely lush with LOTS of plants and trees.  VERY GREEN.  LOTS OF PRIVACY.  They have these VILLAS that she likes.  Only 2 of them but it’s enough.


GORGEOUS CHAPEL to get married. 

Very Nice Spa facilities.  Depending on the time of year…. Affordable for the right client.




The Cape – A Thompson Hotel 


Chic, Hipster with lots of beautiful people.  








They also have lots of artsy stuff with reclaimed things like this driftwood Humpback Whale.







Lots of BLACK décor.  The walls and doors on the rooms.






BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ALL REMEMBER FROM THIS HOTEL.  IT WAS ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY. THE FRENCH TOAST FOR DESSERT! If you don’t eat this…. There is seriously something wrong with you.  wink




The Resort at Pedregal

Pedregal is lovely.  It’s a really beautiful property with a private tunnel through the mountainside to get into the property.  Yes the beach is technically public but it’s nearly impossible to get to unless you’re a guest.




The resort carved right into the mountainside.  AND as you can see by this picture it’s the bottom left corner…(El Farallon) considered one of the best restaurants in the world. The food was AMAZING…. They had a whole champagne tasting.  And so much food.  OY VEY.  We sat right at the ocean’s edge.  The waves came up and crashed right next to us.

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